15 November 2010

Ooooooh, another breed of worm!!!!

At the bottom of our garden (hidden behind a huge and vicious pampas grass) we have lurking and hiding a compost bin!!!!  Now why am I telling you that? Is it because I've done a tatted compost bin?  No, not even I can be inspired to do that!!!!  The reason for telling you this is because I took a trip down there over the weekend to visit my worms who live in there and do SUCH a great job of creating my compost!!!!!

While there and talking to my worms I was thinking how very 'plain' they are.  They are plain on the top of the bookworm bookmarks too.  So then I thought 'why not something a bit prettier'!!!!  So here's a bookworm bookmark with a butterfly on the top!!!!

Now, tell me honestly, should this be named a bookbutterfly bookmark, a bookwormbutterfly bookmark, a bookbutterflyworm bookmark or simply a magnetic bookmark?  

As the critter isn't in the book itself I've added beads!!!  Whoooppppeeeee, an excuse to get out the beads again!!  I've also listed this one in my shop - just in case somebody wants to give it a new home!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

Wow what a great story for a bookmark, looks brillant well done Margaret

Anonymous said...

HAHA.... too funny Jane!

What about the name: Butterfly Bookworm?

It may not be quite the right fit - but it seems to flow well?

God's Kid said...

Ooooh, how pretty! :)

Ridgewoman said...

How very cheerful considering the dreary rains and muse of the season…xxxxx p

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