16 November 2010

Today I'm going to show you a result of my initial search for magnets!!!  

The bookworms needed magnets and to find the 'right sort' took a few pounds (sterling) and a lot of research.  My first purchase turned out to be waaay too thick for a book - 3mm thick in fact.  These were put to one side until I found the right ones and thus the bookworm was born!!!

So, what to do with the others?  The guy I bought them off on ebay said I could return them and have a refund but they were cheap (unlike the bookworm ones!) so I didn't bother!!

Back in the summer I had a stall at the Medieval Fayre in town and I sold a lot of odds and ends but the mini button flowers just didn't sell.  People looked at them and didn't buy.  Finally, once brain cell 3 had woken up, we both realised it was because they didn't know what to do with them!!!!!  So with 'unused magnets', a bright and sparky brain cell 3 and a bit of time they were 'turned into' fridge magnets!!!!  Here they are on the fridge in all their glory and using the unloved magnets which are ideal for this purpose!!!

I bet you thought that's a good idea.  Did you?  Well it is but unlike most regularly normal folks I couldn't just 'stick' them on with glue - I had to go the whole way and make a covering for the magnet which I then stitch them to!!!!!  I can't sell things which may fall apart so this is my way of making sure!!!!!  You can see the posterior of one of them below this picture.


Margarets designer cards said...

Wow what a brillant idea I love them, they look so lovely

Maureen said...

Waste not, want not - what a great idea! - but doesn't the covering stop the magnet from sticking onto the fridge?

TAT19540 said...

Leave it to brain cell #3 to come up with a solution! Cleaver idea Jane.

Jane Eborall said...

No, Maureen, with both types of magnets the tatting doesn't stop the 'stickability' of them. The bookworm ones will stick through AT LEAST 20 pages. That was why it took me some time to find the 'right ones'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey those are nice! Good Job Brain Cell # 3!!

I especially like the one in the very top left of the photo

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Brain Cell #3 is quite clever. Great idea for the magnets.

The 3d flower would make a lovely brooch also!!

Tatfully Yours said...

Great idea!!! I always like having pretty fridge magnets for all the notes and photos on my fridge!!!

Fox said...

Very, very clever.
Fox : )

Typstatting said...

What great idea and your fridgies are really lovely!

Elizabeth said...

Wonder how they would look on a shirt as a button cover. Very nice.

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