30 May 2009

Another dangle

Same pattern, same colours but used the opposite way round!!!

Great news. Remember Matthew Takeda's SSSR? Well, when Georgia first did the lesson on it I did some drawings for her. I tried the SSSR and didn't really see the potential of it.

Then along came Tattingchic with her variation on it (which, incidentally, Matthew had tried but not pursued).

Very kindly both Matthew and Tattingchic have given me permission to add their ideas to my web site which is in the 'usual place'!!!!

I find it amazing that new ideas keep cropping up and that they have all been there under all our noses as it were.

Matthew did remark that he could see little point in the SSSR at first but it's causing me sleepless nights a
s I can now see designs rocketing round the empty space in my head!!!

29 May 2009

Just messing around!

I thought I'd make a few dingle dangles for gifts so this is the first of - well, several!!!

I've played with this pattern and made all the chains the same colour this time (well, actually I forgot to do a SLT) and I think I like it better. Less 'fussy'!!!

I must admit that this is one of my favourites so I often return to play with it. Really MUST sort out the pattern as in places it needs 'attention'. Maybe this evening whilst I'm working another I'll do that!!!

28 May 2009


Sometimes I make something I'm REALLY pleased with. Doesn't happen often but when it does then I really feel great.

This is a hanky that I started some time ago. I do like something that I can pick up when I'm bored with designing or am too tired.

Worked in a number 80 (or thereabouts) variagated thread and using an edging that I did a year or so ago I made this edging again.

When it was finished (first picture) I wanted to add something to the corners to make it slightly less boring so in went some butterflies (second picture). It's SO pretty that I'll be able to give it to someone very special to me.

I may make another to work on while we're on holiday as it is so easy to pick up from time to time. We'll see!!!

27 May 2009

Bags and other 'stuff'!!

Below are the bags which I've got in stock but which aren't going to be listed in Etsy until much later this year. If anybody wants one or wants to see larger pictures then please email me on lovetotat @ gmail.com and I'll sort out payment etc with you.

I can accept USD checks too as well as Paypal.

Another matter which I've been playing with is TattingChic's idea which
she posted here. This second method of hers for climbing out of a round using a 'one coloured split ring' really, really works.

I will shortly post a technique page for the SSSR and this method once the pair of us have worked on the wording etc!!!

Thank you TattingChic for bringing this to tat land and Martha Ess for so carefully planting the idea in her head!!!! Now I know where brain cell # 3 has got to!!!!

26 May 2009

Shopping bag

My new shopping bag (in American - tote!).

I finally finished this project. I'm very pleased with it.

For many years I've taken a shopping bag out with me when I go shopping so the new 'trend' to save the planet by using re-useable bags had no effect on me. Well, that's a lie - it's just encouraged me to make more bags!!

I do wish I could find the one I made many years ago which was a 'planned' pattern made in the same way. That time I used Laura Ashley prints and made a sun rising over some hills.

I'm not sure what sort of work you'd call this apart from 'hit and miss'!!!!

I bought some iron on vilene and worked out what size I wanted the bag to eventually be. Then I took the odds and ends which I'd kept from the tatting bags and placed them on the vilene (sticky side up). I lifted the pieces and pressed under some of the edges and overlapped others until I was happy with placement etc. Then the fun bit. Out came the iron and they were all 'stuck down'. Naturally there were edges that didn't stick but that didn't matter.

Next I used a narrow zig zag stitch on the machine and went round each piece. Finally the bag was made. The handles are made of three strips of fabric which have been plaited.

25 May 2009

Bank Holiday

Well, here in the UK it's a Bank Holiday today. Over in the USA it's Memorial Day.

In my small corner of tat land I'm pleased to say that it's going to be no holiday at all!!! I'm no good at 'not doing anything' so being busy is best for me!!

The bags I've been making are steadily selling both out of my Etsy shop (see side bar) and 'off the cuff'!!!

I've currently run out of the pink bags (my 'flavour of the month' at the moment) so am going to sew up three more today. Along with two more of the blue musical fabric and another very pretty green one. I very much doubt I'll get them all sewn but the worst part (cutting them out) is done!!!

I really, really MUST write the pattern down as it's scribbled on a scrap of paper and (currently) residing with brain cell # 3 whom we all know isn't that reliable!!

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Happy Beaks
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