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30 May 2009

Another dangle

Same pattern, same colours but used the opposite way round!!!

Great news. Remember Matthew Takeda's SSSR? Well, when Georgia first did the lesson on it I did some drawings for her. I tried the SSSR and didn't really see the potential of it.

Then along came Tattingchic with her variation on it (which, incidentally, Matthew had tried but not pursued).

Very kindly both Matthew and Tattingchic have given me permission to add their ideas to my web site which is in the 'usual place'!!!!

I find it amazing that new ideas keep cropping up and that they have all been there under all our noses as it were.

Matthew did remark that he could see little point in the SSSR at first but it's causing me sleepless nights a
s I can now see designs rocketing round the empty space in my head!!!


Sally Kerson said...

There are so many clever tatters willing to share their ideas, and deserve thanks for their efforts. But before attempting any of the latest I think I might need a private lesson from you Jane!!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I love your dangles! I'm with Sally... I think I'd need private tatting lessons. Meanwhile, I'm happily plodding along with my knowledge of how to tat rings and chains!

TattingChic said...

Your new dangles are just as pretty! I announced your new technique page in my blog, which I guess you read. ;)

Isn't it funny? I think it's amazing how a few tatters were all thinking of the same thing near the same time. Jenni from Australia had mentioned to me she was playing around w/ the SSSR and figured out the same thing last week. Wally in Puerto Rico tells me she's been doing this a while! I think it's neat how we all connect internationally now...instead of being isolated with our own ideas we can make tatting so much better! who know WHAT we'll all come up with next as a tatting community!

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