4 January 2014

Progress - part 2

So this time I decided to ditch the ring in the centre idea and try something else - a naked centre.  

This proved to be another horrid start but a few ideas were slowly developing as you can see.  When I got to this stage I started thinking along the lines of swirling and twirling this motif but I wasn't not sure - yet!!! 

You can see on this version that I've given some thought to the placement of some rings at the end of the block tatting on that row.  They weren't there before.  I'd also started a 'possible' second round too but time will tell if that will actually 'happen'!!!  

As I said in yesterday's post - the completed pattern is done but I thought you'd like to see some of the doodlings  I did to get it there.

3 January 2014

An experiment in block tatting!

So, here we go on my block tatting adventure!!!  Day one saw me starting with a motif I'd done years ago called the 'small motif'.  Some people (like MEEEE) have no imagination over naming designs!!!

As you can see something wasn't right about this attempt so it stopped where you can see!!!  Another lot of thread destined for the bin!!!  

I use yards and yards of thread when designing and that's why I keep a look out on Ebay for threads just for that purpose.  I won't use my lovely Lizbeth or other 'good' sorts for designing. 

2 January 2014

Last for now

So, this may be the last one as I've got into another project!!!

This is in Rainbow Splash by Lizbeth.

My new project has taken me over.  The reason I got so 'into' the geckos was because of the new way I discovered to make a neat join on the return chain using the 'easy block tatting' method.  

It's not easy to design anything with block tatting as you always land up at the wrong place.  Yes, you can do a slip stitch type of way to get back to another point (like in the gecko pattern) but it's not always where you want to be.  

So with this next project I decided to 'go with the flow' and see where I landed up.  As it's nearly finished in 'real time' I will show you the progress and how I 'got there' over the following days.  Well, of course, that's if I can find all my rejects!!!!

1 January 2014

Tat It And See

It's tat time of year again!!!  Time to play and get through the dreary month of January (and part of February) if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and time to chill from the heat if you live 'down there'.

The Tat It And See (TIAS) will start on Monday 6th January - when I'm up and about in the morning (that's GMT morning!).

Here's the link to the introduction so you can source threads and prepare shuttles.  

Let the fun begin.

Did you want a sneak preview?  OK, here it is!!!  Now that didn't help, did it?

31 December 2013

Fantasy Flower 2

Tomorrow I'll announce the start date of the Tat It And See.  Keep an eye open as the link to the introduction will be on that post.
Although both pictures are of the same motif the lower one was taken while it was still damp after a quick press under a cloth!!!!  Also it was taken later in the day when the sun (what little we see of it) had gone in behind the clouds.  Weird the way colours change.

I'm still checking out the pattern as the text takes ages for me to 'get right' - or as near 'right' as I think I can get.  I think I'll work one more as I've still got loads of beads around me in tat corner!!!
This is the front
and this is the back

30 December 2013

The final box

This is IT.  The final box.  

Guess what?  I'm almost tempted to go and buy more of them as they are such fun to do and I know that just before Christmas there were some black fabric ones in the shop.  

Problem is that fighting the invisible thread can cause OG's to nearly meltdown!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.