4 December 2020

Choosing colours

Do you remember the knitted blankets that I did?  If not then here's a reminder!!!

That's the same idea I'm using for the 'supposed to be' poncho.

I lay the piece on the floor and then choose the colours for the next row.  This seems to work really well so that's going to be my plan from now on.  Eight squares in a row is enough  to deal with at a time and I can 'just about' do a row every two days.  Each square takes me an hour and a half and if I get two done in the afternoon (doesn't always happen!) and two in the evening then I can make steady progress.  

2 December 2020

TIAS coming sooooooon

Well it had to happen.  Lockdown finally got BC3 to agree to a return of the Tat It And See which first appeared back in approximately 2008 with the hippo which can be found here.
For those who don't know what it is then please take a visit to this link and this link too.  

ANY questions, suggestions or complaints then please email me directly on my email address (at the top of this blog).  Or leave a comment below.

I try to keep the TIAS (as those who've done it before know) as simple as possible for those taking part.  The only real 'work' is at my end when I receive comments and pictures of your progress (or lack of!!) to put on the TIAS blog.

For the 'rules' of the game or to find further information please read this file.  The starting date is at the bottom.

My email address is in my profile on the left side of

This is what the last TIAS turned out to be!!

30 November 2020

Breaking the monotony

Well that's a silly title for this post as I'm not finding it monotonous at all!!!!  
But I decided that if this was going to fail as a poncho then it might be a good idea to turn it into two cloths or something.  So I've started another of the 'whatever it is'!!!

Eventually I can join the two lengths and make them into the poncho.  Knowing me it'll probably get finished but at the moment I'm hedging my bets!!!  

Please don't miss Wednesday's blog post - something I really need to tell you about.  It's pretty important in Tat Land.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.