3 November 2012

Don't forget!

Shuttles tomorrow at 20.00 hours GMT!!!  Hope I don't forget either.  Perhaps you can drop me a message about twenty minutes before, Sally and anybody else who's around?  Also while you're all busy shopping for shuttles etc please take a peek at my bookmarks etc.  They really ARE a fabulous idea and I'm not saying that just cause I thought of them but mainly because I use one all the time and have proved to myself that they work!!!  They'd make a really good Christmas present too.

Which reminds me - I have several Christmas patterns to share with you over the next few weeks so I'd better get on and finish them off!!!!

Anyway today I'm showing you the other four butterflies I chose for the cardigan.

2 November 2012

Brain dead but recovering!!

I apologise for yesterday's post which was confusing to say the least!!!  I put Saturday at the start for the new batch of shuttles and Sunday towards the end!!!  Just say that I realised that I'd be invaded by visitors (happy days) on Saturday so won't be able to release them then.  

So, Sunday is shuttle, hook and bobbin holder day!!!!

Below are some not very good photos of the butterflies on my cardigan!!  Sewn on with invisible thread as usual!!!

Please wish brain cell 3 a quick recovery after his 'blip' yesterday!!!!

1 November 2012

More shuttles arriving

On Saturday I'll be letting loose some more shuttles in my Etsy shop.  This time I have the following

2 Hooks with Hats On in maple (size 0.4mm)
1 Oak shuttle without a hook
1 Cherry without a hook
2 Eucalyptus with hooks
2 Pear with hooks
2 Oregon Myrtle with hooks
2 Apple with hooks
2 Maple with hooks

AND this which is a new item which 'im in the garage might make more of.  It's a bobbin holder as you can see.

The time of listing will be Sunday at 20.00 hours GMT.  We're back on GMT now after our summer of wet dismal weather!!!

31 October 2012

The new cardigan

OK, between the TIAS, the Garden Snowflake, selling a load of 'stuff' on ebay for a neighbour and many other 'things' I've managed to complete the cardigan I showed you here.

I was really grateful for all the suggestions and wanted to go with the ones that Maureen and Susie's made but as I've told myself very firmly that I'm not allowed to buy more thread and as I hadn't either of those in my stash I had to think again.  

In the end I went for using fine sewing threads and making the butterfly which is here.  So I made about a dozen and then chose 8 to sew on to it.

Nick thought it looked great and as it's passed the 'Nick test' I'm happy with it too!!!!  The sleeves are a bit long but then that is cause I've got short arms!!!!  I can turn those up - the sleeves, I mean, not my arms!!

30 October 2012

SUCH excitement

This is NOT tatting related but is for some of my tatting friends.  Among those who might enjoy my excitement are Joanie, Pam, Riet and a few of the others in South Carolina!!!

Now you folks in America have dollar stores which sells things for - guess what - a DOLLAR!!!  In England we have the 'odd' place which is equivalent and in my town we have Poundland.  Now a pound is worth 62 cents at the moment so anything we buy is almost twice as expensive than buying in America.  

I'll confess here.  When I walk in the afternoons I usually go round in a certain direction so that I end up walking up through the town towards home.  I always pop into our Poundland - just in case they've got something new that I can't live without.  

Well, yesterday they did and here they are!!!  The latest craze while Sally and I were in America was the range of small solar powered novelty 'items' (for want of a better word).  I came home so excited with these two but have hidden them from Nick as they'll now form part of his birthday present.  He'll be thrilled as he asked me why I didn't come home with more once he'd seen the dancing daisies that Pam had given me.  Reasons why I didn't?  All the dollar stores we visited had sold out and I'd got no room in my suitcase!!!  The daisies had to travel in my carry on bag!!!

29 October 2012

WHAT a surprise

Well you know I fell in love not long ago with a bag.  I know - a bag is a bag is a bag but NOT when you're an old bag lady like I am!!  Who was that who said 'she's just an old bag and not a lady'?  I heard you!!!

Well on Friday I was sitting having lunch when the doorbell rang.  It was the postman with a packet for me.  Now this was MOST puzzling as I wasn't expecting anything.  Not a thing, zilch, nowt, nil, zero.  Well I just LOVE surprises and this one was wonderful.  It came from Geraldine (this is her blog) who also sent me the instructions to make more bags like it AND some fabric and interfacing too.  It's got 8 pockets.  Yes, EIGHT pockets.  I love pockets in bags as they keep me better organised.  I like the square bag I made cause that's got 4 pockets but this one has EIGHT!!!  

Can you see what was in the pockets?  There was chocolate (yummy, yummy), some HDT, another thread which Geraldine says is great for the magic thread trick (I really MUST try that now), beads (can you see that they're eyes?), buttons and a doodad too.  

Thank you SOOO much, Geraldine - that's made an old git VERY happy.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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