1 November 2012

More shuttles arriving

On Saturday I'll be letting loose some more shuttles in my Etsy shop.  This time I have the following

2 Hooks with Hats On in maple (size 0.4mm)
1 Oak shuttle without a hook
1 Cherry without a hook
2 Eucalyptus with hooks
2 Pear with hooks
2 Oregon Myrtle with hooks
2 Apple with hooks
2 Maple with hooks

AND this which is a new item which 'im in the garage might make more of.  It's a bobbin holder as you can see.

The time of listing will be Sunday at 20.00 hours GMT.  We're back on GMT now after our summer of wet dismal weather!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'll have to set an alarm... I really "need" another shuttle without a hook!

Fox said...

Love those bobbin holders. My dad made me a flute holder with just one skinny stick and a heavy round wide base. Very inventive and I used it all the time. These remind me of it. I want one!
Fox : )

Marcia Claus said...

Thanks for your warning!! Maybe now I can get one!!!!! Yessss!

Marcia Claus said...

Dear Jane, Thanks for your warning. Maybe now I can get mine!!!!! Yessss! :)

Maureen said...

Saturday or Sunday, Jane? - it's not quite clear!

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, Maureen - it's Sunday as we've got family round t'other day!!!

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