1 November 2012

More shuttles arriving

On Saturday I'll be letting loose some more shuttles in my Etsy shop.  This time I have the following

2 Hooks with Hats On in maple (size 0.4mm)
1 Oak shuttle without a hook
1 Cherry without a hook
2 Eucalyptus with hooks
2 Pear with hooks
2 Oregon Myrtle with hooks
2 Apple with hooks
2 Maple with hooks

AND this which is a new item which 'im in the garage might make more of.  It's a bobbin holder as you can see.

The time of listing will be Sunday at 20.00 hours GMT.  We're back on GMT now after our summer of wet dismal weather!!!


  1. I'll have to set an alarm... I really "need" another shuttle without a hook!

  2. Love those bobbin holders. My dad made me a flute holder with just one skinny stick and a heavy round wide base. Very inventive and I used it all the time. These remind me of it. I want one!
    Fox : )

  3. Thanks for your warning!! Maybe now I can get one!!!!! Yessss!

  4. Dear Jane, Thanks for your warning. Maybe now I can get mine!!!!! Yessss! :)

  5. Saturday or Sunday, Jane? - it's not quite clear!

  6. Sorry, Maureen - it's Sunday as we've got family round t'other day!!!


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