23 October 2010

Bead talk!

An interesting question popped into my inbox a few days ago.  It was from Sandy who is a relatively new tatter. She asked me this:-

Hi Jane, long time no e-mail, I have been reading patterns and have noticed that with patterns that have beads  no one says what size of bead  or type to use of course the thread has to be considered but a little help with the beads would be nice. I can tell a seed bead I think but after that I am lost. Being new at tatting really new all the information would be nice.  I don't even know what the beads are or size to buy. Please help I am sure others have the same question but might feel it is to stupid to ask. Not me, if you could put it in your blog that would be great. I am only able to order from catalog's and I can tell you there are thousands of beads in all sizes. Please Help

Beads are something that I've always 'taken for granted'.  I started using them in tatting about thirty years ago.  Believe it or not I was making earrings back then with beads!!!!  Only a few and mainly for eyes but they were 'there'.  Since then I've learnt a lot about them!!!  

Seed beads are my main core purchases.  Size 11.  This is one of many links which help to explain a lot better than me about sizing them.  Also another here.
Perhaps this chart will help too.  Actually if you read the note under the seed bead chart you'll see why this becomes a difficult question to answer!!!

When it comes to 'other beads' of varying sizes I tend to buy and then later decide what to use them for.  One of my main sources is Ebay where anything and everything can be found.  This is another source for many very pretty beads!!!!  The shop that the Hospice runs at the local tip!!!  Sally and I always pay a visit there when she's in town!!!!

So, to sum up, Sandy, I think if you buy size 11 seed beads they will become your 'core' bead.  They sit nicely on most threads.

22 October 2010

A century apart (or more!)

A couple of days ago I saw this on a blog and it reminded me of the neck purse I'd made over thirty years ago!!!  They are so different yet both have have the same purpose in life, although I guess the value of the coins they are meant to hold has changed beyond measure too!!!    

Goodness knows where mine is now but it's lurking somewhere in this house!!!!  

I'd seen the pattern in the Mrs Beeton's Book of Needlework (I finally inherited an original gold edged pages copy from my gran which was published in 1869 or thereabouts) and wanted so desperately to make it.  From her 'odds and bobs' around the house I was given the clasp.  I wonder if she ever had it in mind to make it?

You can now find this pattern here - number 42.   I had to jiggle it a bit to make it fit the clasp and I also added beads a little differently from what I can remember!!!  As you do!!!

I lined the whole thing with a tiny piece of black silk fabric.  I intend one day to re-visit this clasp again (when I find it!!!) and replace the tatting.  Meantime I have a yen to make neck purses again and will (hopefully!!!) be re-visiting this pattern shortly to see if I can improve on it!!!!

After considerable thought and still being intrigued with this pattern I have now decided to try it again!!!!  I'm going to 'translate' the pattern into 'Jane' and will share it if it ever gets done!!!!

21 October 2010

A visit to the hospital

A few days ago I  offered to take a friend to the hospital for an outpatients operation.

The silly moo worried and worried that I'd be bored as it was going to be for several hours!!!  Silly girl.  During my wait I did a great deal of this edging.  It looks a bit odd at either end but I promise you those are true, square corners that will sit beautifully when they're pressed.

I found it here and did take a few 'liberties' with it and also added the corners. I do like something simple like this to do when I've got to wait around.  It drew a lot of attention so through that a few friends were made!!!!  Well, passing friends.

20 October 2010

Starting again!

Top news for those in the UK.  You might have missed the comment on my Ez Bob ramble about a supplier in the UK so I'm adding it here.   OK now back to today's post!!!!

Do you remember this pattern?  Here's the link. 

Well I daredn't think how many of these small diddly things I've made over the years since I first put the pattern on my site.  Whenever THAT was!!

So a few weeks ago I was desperately wanting to make this into an earring.  First of all let me say I don't like butterflies which are dangling from a feeler picot from an ear finding.  To me it looks as if they've been put there as an 'afterthought'!!!

That's just me, though so please don't get offended by that remark.

So, knowing that this was a cracking little pattern I set off trying to get the 'look' I wanted.  Here's what I came up with and here they are in my Etsy shop.

19 October 2010

Naughty, naughty Jane!

True, totally true.  I've been naughty again.  I got carried away with sparkles!!!

Now these aren't 'real' Swarovski crystals but I defy anybody to know that.  They were on sale just next to the 'real deal' but I couldn't tell the difference.

Wwwwweeelllll, that's not strictly true - the difference was in the price.  These were half the price for the same sparkle!!!  Now you know why I class myself as really megga naughty!!!!!


18 October 2010

Ez bob sizes

A week or two ago Sandy in the USA asked me a very valid question about sizes of Ez Bobs for putting HDT on!!  Actually this is what she said:-

"I've searched for hours to locate the EZ Bobs that so many speak of.  They are nonexistent in my area but I can find them on the internet.  I'm wanting to organize my HDT and have no idea what the bobbins are like.  Can you advise me on the proper size to purchase to accommodate Yarn players, Krystle Dawn's, etc. HDT threads?"

So I thought I'd show you how I've organised my HDT.  They are on two sizes of Ez Bobs.  Both those shown below have one full skein of number 20 thread on (order the larger sizes if you want to put two skeins on one 'bob').  The top one measures 1 3/4" in diameter and the bottom one is 2 1/2".  You will see that I've written a brief description telling me the size and the name of the thread.  I figured I could 'trace' the dyer from the thread's name!!!  I've written those with a Sharpie.  

This reminds me - I first met a Sharpie when I was given one by the Palmetto Tatters.  I guarded that wee treasure with my life - Nick had to apply in triplicate three days in advance if he wanted to use it!!!  Why?  Because at that time we didn't have them in the UK.  Now we do!!!!!

Ez bobs or Ez-bobs can be ordered from here in the UK.  

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