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18 October 2010

Ez bob sizes

A week or two ago Sandy in the USA asked me a very valid question about sizes of Ez Bobs for putting HDT on!!  Actually this is what she said:-

"I've searched for hours to locate the EZ Bobs that so many speak of.  They are nonexistent in my area but I can find them on the internet.  I'm wanting to organize my HDT and have no idea what the bobbins are like.  Can you advise me on the proper size to purchase to accommodate Yarn players, Krystle Dawn's, etc. HDT threads?"

So I thought I'd show you how I've organised my HDT.  They are on two sizes of Ez Bobs.  Both those shown below have one full skein of number 20 thread on (order the larger sizes if you want to put two skeins on one 'bob').  The top one measures 1 3/4" in diameter and the bottom one is 2 1/2".  You will see that I've written a brief description telling me the size and the name of the thread.  I figured I could 'trace' the dyer from the thread's name!!!  I've written those with a Sharpie.  

This reminds me - I first met a Sharpie when I was given one by the Palmetto Tatters.  I guarded that wee treasure with my life - Nick had to apply in triplicate three days in advance if he wanted to use it!!!  Why?  Because at that time we didn't have them in the UK.  Now we do!!!!!

Ez bobs or Ez-bobs can be ordered from here in the UK.  


***Jon**** said...

I have my HDTs on ez-bobs as well. I like the way that they can be stacked up together.

err ... what does a Sharpie look like? Are the markings on the EZ-bobs permanent?

Jane Eborall said...

Great question, Jon. A Sharpie is an indelible pen. It doesn't wash off!! Mind if you want to remove it then it's easy to scrape off with a finger nail. I thought everybody in the world (except the UK!!!) knew what a Sharpie was!!!!

Jane Eborall said...

Some suggestions from CrazyMom for Ez Bobs in the USA. - look in notions.

BeadweaverDeb said...

I get mine from and they are cheaper than I've seen anywhwere. I put my different threads on them because it makes it easier to take places. I love them!

BeadweaverDeb said...

Oh, I forgot! THey are $2.50 for 6 of them.

Lelia said...

Sandy: not sure where you live in the USA; however, they have them at House of Stitches in LaPorte, IN

I bought some in two sizes.

Lelia said...

I forgot to add ... some beauty supply places have them, too. they call them spoolies - curlers.

Wendy said...

Thanks, Jane, they look really good. I'm going to buy some

TAT19540 said...

I get mine on line. I googled ezy bobbins and found several sources. They are great and keep your thread neat. I thought Sharpies were every where. I love them and use them for almost everything I need to label.

Susanne said...

They can also be found in this UK shop:
This place have an onlineshop where you can buy with your card without having to phone them.

Celticflame99 said...

Sharpie can also be removed with rubbing alcohol from most plastics. Wipes off clean with little to no effort that way.


Jane Eborall said...

Oh, thanks SO much, Brittany. That's REALLY useful information. I didn't know that!!!!

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