11 March 2017

I'm on a roll!

Rather like Diane and her ice drops I think I'm on a roll with these. I don't know how long it'll last although I do have 25 of the rings all told. Now, one went on the bracelet and four (so far) on these dangles. Wonder how many more I'll make before I 'need' to do something else?

9 March 2017

Another 'go'.

First of all - please take a quick look at the TIAS blog.  I've added number 102 from Ann-Sofie to it.

Well this one may look the same as Monday's but I assure you it isn't!!! I've amended the stitch count and now this little motif in the centre sits snugly where it should. I've also eliminated the beads which sat right next to the ring and that's helped enormously too. 

Now to raid my stash of threads and play with colours. No idea why I'm making these but maybe (if I can still find them!) they'll be my next Christmas giveaways. 

My next 'task' is to also devise a pattern without the ring which 'should' be relatively simple but I you know that saying - 'the best laid plans of mice and men'!!!!  We'll see!!!

8 March 2017

Dora strikes again

Now this is the start of a sweet little motif on page 25 of the Dora Young book. I really like the pure simplicity of this one.

I'm very, very tempted to return and make another of these although I've already done two!!!! Just love the challenge now that I've got my own notes on 'how to'!!! I think Heidi maybe using some of the notes in the re-print which will (hopefully) save many from suffering the 'brain ache' that I did when trying to work it out!!! Mind, BC3 can be VERY useful sometimes. Well, when he's not sulking!!!

7 March 2017

Anybody want this?

There's a dear little town near us (well, about 8 miles away) called Alcester. I went to my secondary school there - the grammar school, not that I was really grammar school material. I was definitely NOT clever. Anyway, I survived and so, incidentally, did the school!!!  I think I spent more time sitting outside the headmaster's office than I did in classes sometimes!!!

On a Friday afternoon a neighbour and I go to Alcester library for Crafternoon. There are around 6 to 9 of us who meet, chat, laugh and do different crafts. The session starts at 1.30 but Louise and I go a lot earlier so we can browse the lovely shops (mainly small and privately owned) and have lunch. 

Our main 'shops of interest' are the charity shops and we sometimes find the odd bargain which simply HAS to be bought!!! Last Friday I found this book in an excellent condition in one of the charity shops. Believe it or not - I bought this with my pocket money when I was in my early teens so I have a copy. I 'had' to buy this one as I'm always frightened that a shop may throw it in the rubbish. So, what I really want to know is - does anybody want to give it a good home? I'll charge what I paid for it - £2.00 plus postage which I'd have to work out according to where the person lives.

Of course, if you happen to live in Canada I could always take it with me to the Fringe Element tat days and give it to you there.  

6 March 2017

Another idea for the rings

Now I know you'll remember this necklace that I got from a charity shop and the bracelet that I made with just one of the 25 rings which is here well I got fed up with the bracelet idea so I decided to try another one.

This is really a trial of the idea below. I'm not happy with the stitch count on the central motif so it will have to be done again. Also I didn't like the tiny beads added to that motif when the outer part was joined to it and the ring. So, some minor adjustments will keep me busy next time I tackle it!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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