25 April 2015

I've been given DIAMONDS!

Now keep calm, folks. We haven't got engaged or anything daft like that. Marriage is still blissfully out of the question even after roughly twenty plus years!!!!

The diamonds came from Sue (the OMF lass) and there are DIAMONDS in there  - least in my opinion they are!!!  Surely anything that sparkles are diamonds?  There are some wonderful buttons which are just right for more starry bracelets and some lovely beads too. 

I'm also fascinated by the pink thread. Can't wait do dive in and use all of it. Thanks so much, Sue.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!!! They do sparkle LOTS but the camera didn't pick that up (bottom right).  I feel a pendant and/or brooch coming on but first I HAVE to finish off what I've already got underway!!!

24 April 2015

First one done.

I think I mentioned here that I'd got more fabric from the Friday market and that I'd cut some of it ready to sew. Well, here's the first of the larger bags.

This one works out as roughly the same size as the Roly Poly bags. You can see how much it holds. I've had trouble with BC3 and coming up with a name for it so finally settled on the 'Large' Square Bag'. Not clever, not rememberable but it does describe it honestly!!! 

The first one is listed here in my Etsy shop.

I've got a few more bags 'done' but they need some hand sewing to close the lining.  I'll be doing those at Crafternoon later so 'watch that shop' for more bags later!!!

23 April 2015


Now, what does OMF stand for? You all know what OMG stands for - but OMF? 

Well for me that stands for Oh My Fabric!!! Have you EVER seen the like? This wonderful package came from Sue Hanson yesterday. We were talking about bags some time ago and - well, that's another story. She said she'd got some fabric and would I like some. This is SOME of her stash!!!! I mean, just SOME!!!! Of course I said 'yes please' although I'm trying to de-stash myself!! Well, you've got to help a friend out, haven't you? That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - like GLUE!!!!

Now the next thing to do is to buy zips for the next batch. I've just ordered some more (should be here today). I've been very lucky with zips too this year. I found an Ebay person selling them and she allows you to order exactly what you want. By that I mean you don't have to have, say, ten black, ten yellow etc. You can pick and choose. She's also very fast too on getting them to me. I found she'd got her own website too which is easy to use so I now use that to order instead.

Now I bet you're dying to know who it is. Well, it's Rickety Rose. I think the name appealed to me more than anything - well, you know I suffer from a rickety brain. OK, so here's the link as she sells lotsa findings and haberdashery too.

22 April 2015

Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut!!!!

What to do on a Sunday afternoon!!!! This is the latest batch of bags being 'sorted'!!!  They'll soon start appearing in my Etsy shop.

Now, I'm making another 'type' as well this time round. I decided to make a similar one but longer so that it would be useful for those who crochet or who like to carry more around with them. Remember the ever popular Roly Poly Tat Bags? Well these will be roughly the same size. I got really bored with making the Roly Poly ones and I'll probably get the same way with these in time.

Meantime on the tatting front I have a few projects on the go.  I'll show you in due course!!!

21 April 2015

Yesterday's surprise

Another pair of scissors!!!

This makes 112 and for a very happy old git. Here's the picture below but you'll have to go here to find out who sent it in!!!!

Also yesterday I was looking for this pattern on my web site.  I used the 'search' on the front page and it didn't turn up.  DOH!!!!

So, on further investigation I found out that it wasn't there!  Well, not on any links that I could find.  So I've amended the 'motifs, snowflakes' page and put the link there.  Sorry for the BC3 failure.  I'll have a strong word with him!!!

Meantime here's a picture to remind you of what I'm talking about.

I'm adding another round to this motif at the moment.  The square will be larger.  That will have to wait for another day, though!!!

20 April 2015

New top

When we did the changeover of the grandchildren a week or two ago I wandered into Cotton Traders which has a shop at the Evesham Garden Centre.

Now I RARELY find anything I like or which fits me but this was my lucky day. Most of the things in there are 'old lady' things.  Oh, I know I'm old but I've never claimed to be a 'lady' or want to dress like either!!!  The top picture shows the top I bought and the bottom one shows it on it's way to being 'amended'!!!! 

Plan one was to unpick the machine embroidery - it really didn't 'do' anything for me and I still have a hangover from the days when I used to make all my own (and the kid's) clothes and hate seeing people in the same things as me. After about ten minutes I realised I was on the way to nowhere!!! Plan two had to come into operation!!!!  What was that?  Well, a quick rummage in my fabric stash, a piece of newspaper and a pair of scissors and I'd made a pattern out of a piece of fabric I'd found that was a darn good match.

The next hour or two was spent hand sewing the new pieces onto the top.  The beauty of this top is that the fabric is substantial and that the yoke was two layers with a sort of 'dip' to fit the 'amendment' into.

Next task?  Well, I'll leave you to guess!!!!  It MAY have something to do with tatting, don't you think?!?!?!

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Happy Beaks
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