5 July 2014

Now, what about these?

This is a set (bracelet and earrings) that I made some time ago and which I've since 'mislaid'!!! I'm totally hopeless with my stuff. Once a piece is finished it's of no interest to me whatsoever as I'm already thinking about the next idea!!!!

Usually I find 'stuff' days and days later sitting quite happily under the scanner's lid!!!  I know others do the same and that I'm not alone.

This time, though, it just isn't 'there'!!!  I'm sure it'll turn up soon and will apologise for it's lack of communication during it's 'missing' spell.  I know - I'll send for Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes.  I'm sure they'll find them!!!!

4 July 2014

Gecko pink cocoa

Here's another gecko!!! in Lizbeth's pink cocoa.

I'm sure you can remember that I went through a phase recently of making geckos and then I went off and did other things. One evening recently I decided to make number 12 and here he is.

Sally kept asking me (Happy Birthday, sis) why I was making them and I couldn't give her an answer except that I was just enjoying the colours!! Well, yesterday I decided what their fate is going to be. A long wall hanging with them all running up and down the wall!!!

Then, of course, I decided that I'd better do a few in size 40 and 80 to vary the look of it so that's going to be my 'fun tat' for a while.

3 July 2014

The pattern!!!

Before I start.  Just a reminder that the Palmetto Tatting Days registration is still open.  Do have a look to see what's offered.  My gingerbread men are excited over their trip!!!!

OK, here it is in all it's 'glory'!!!! The pattern.

Hope to see other ideas using Loom Bands as they are so cheap and cheerful!!!  Meanwhile I may have another try at another design too.  Long summer days are great for getting things like this done. 

2 July 2014

Taster of the new pattern!!!

It must be six months or so ago since Joanie first told me about an American craze for loom bands or rainbow looms. Well they've just 'hit' the UK and you can read a bit about them here.

We've even got two shops in town who have the bands and a guy on the Friday market has been selling them too. So, what's this got to do with tatting you may well ask?

BC3 (that's brain cell three) and I decided that there has to be more uses for these pesky little rubber rings so I bought a packet a few weeks ago. My excuse? Well, Abbi may want to play with them when the kids come for a week in the summer!!!! I convinced me, anyway!!!

So, here's the first design (nothing complicated) using these intriguing little circles of rubber!!!

I started off using a bead for the centres and then tried 'without'. A few beads, one shuttle, a modicum of finger tatting and it's a fun, easy tat. I will get the pattern finished off today and uploaded tomorrow.

1 July 2014

Another technique page

Yet another for your use - if you should ever need it. This is the mock ring with a bead - hey diddle diddle right in the middle!!!

Now the reason for this mini splurge of techniques is cause I hadn't got them drawn up until now and that was mainly because I'd not really 'needed' them!!!

I have a new design which I'm hoping to get sorted before the end of the week  and which will involve one or both of these new techniques AND something that tickles me pink too!!!!

It's to do with - well, no, I'm not going to spill the beans. I'm going to make you all WAIT for a day or two!!! Aren't I cruel?

30 June 2014

Technique pages

So this week I'm hoping that I'll be able to share a new pattern which has got me quite excited already. 

It's something that I'm sure nobody has tried before and at times I've realised why!!!! Well, that's not quite the truth as you'll see when I've finished it that the idea is relatively simple - it's just what I've chosen to put BC3 through to achieve it that's been the problem!!!!

So, in order to prepare you for all this excitement (yawn, yawn) I've done two technique pages - one of which you can find here.  This one is for the mock ring (MR).

I realise that in these 'modern times' that the way to go with teaching via the internet is through videos but I'm afraid I haven't yet got the hang of those.

Also I've seen a lot of poor ones which have quite put me off as I know mine would be really bad!!! Somebody wrote the other day to say that they'd learned to tat via my beginner tatting pages as they found that the 'hands' got in the way on a lot of the videos.  That is what made me get up off my fat 'behind' and get on with this page.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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