1 May 2020

New bag finished

I finished the new bag in record time - well, for me!!! That's one thing about the meltdown - time is different and without all my other diversions things get finished faster. Hmmmm, bring back the diversions - I MISS MY FRIENDS.

I showed you the pictures of the upholstery samples a few days ago here and this is what they turned into. I will be spraying it with Scotchguard (fabric protection) before using it. My purple bag has seen 'better days' and will be consigned to the 'old bag place in the sky'!!! In other words - the tip!!!

Here's the new bag in all it's glory!!!

30 April 2020

A bit of a rush!

We've had glorious weather lately - until Tuesday when it rained ALL day and went VERY cold. 

This was such a shame as some lovely neighbours were celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and invited us all to join them in celebrating the event. Naturally as we're all in meltdown (lockdown) we couldn't go into their house so (as is normal in our road lately) we met in the freezing cold in the road to raise our glasses to them.

I wanted to give them something special but couldn't get out to the shops (IF any were open) so decided to do a bit of tatting - but what? Well in the afternoon I was searching through the tatting cupboard for ideas for earrings when I spotted a brass heart that I've had for years. I bought three of them and had used one for another present so remembered that this pattern would fit it.

My poor old fingers absolutely flew to get it done in time but then I hit the problem of using invisible thread to anchor it to the brass frame!!! I just hope they like it!!!

29 April 2020


Now it's been some time since I did this pattern and it's lovely when somebody contacts me to say they've made them. 

Crikey - it's 13 years ago!!! Where does time go?

Anyway, a week or two ago Yvonne contacted me and she came back with these. This was her comment when I asked permission to blog them.

"Sure you can blog them. I used the bits of card in between teabags in the twinings tea boxes for my bookmarks.
I am now trying to master Maltese tatting. Thanks for your help. Regards, Yvonne"  

Good luck with Maltese, Yvonne - it's many years since I did that form of tatting although I think there maybe a butterfly on my site somewhere!!!!!

Here are Yvonne's emotitats.

28 April 2020

Hanky - round one?

During the GREAT TIDY UP of the tatting cupboard I came across this hanky.

I've a feeling it came from Handy Hands as a wee gift in their newsletter. I know it's been waiting for my attention for a good long while!!!

The reason I've not done anything with it before (I do like doing hanky edgings) is because it has holes in the edges. I've never wanted to tat straight onto a hanky before but decided now was the time to 'give it a whirl'!!! 

This is simply a lock chain with a picot in the middle. It needs another round but it'll have to wait a while until an idea pops into my aged brain!!!

27 April 2020

A new blanket

Well I said I would and so I did!!! 

I started another blanket.

Having made the first one I will tell you know that I learned a LOT. The one thing I did pick up from mistakes was that I kept losing my place - my starting point. This is why the yellow marked square (bottom right) has a thread running through it. It's to tell BC3 that that's where square 1 is. 

On the last blanket I had no idea where my starting point was after a while so I thought this idea or marking it with a strand of thread which I can later pull out may help. 

Again this is the site I used to help me and I still regularly check it out to see whether it's a square one, square 2, square 3 etc that I need to do next and WHERE!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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