23 November 2013


Just a quick post today to remind anybody who's interested that the shuttles seen here (plus more - see this list) will be on sale today at 20.00 GMT.
That's all I've go to say today.  Tomorrow I hope to be packing, labelling and sorting shuttles to go to all parts of the world.

22 November 2013

Another gecko

First of all I'd like to announce another pram - number 125 on the Tat It And See blog.  You'll  see that I've been fiddling with that blog as I got bored with the colours and thought it needed a new paint job!!!!  I may change it again, though!!!  Watch that space!!!

So, today I have another gecko.  I'm still in a gecko mood although I'm trying to kick the habit!!!  This one is done in Lizbeth 108 - Sherbert Delight.

20 November 2013

My finished box.

Back to talking about this, this and this!!!

So, here's the finished box.  Number one of two.  I used the Flurry Heartache for the top and a simple edging.  On the sides are small motifs which I stuck on.  

To put everything together I first stitched the heart onto the piece of black fabric.  

Then I stitched the inner edge of the edging to it too.  

Finally I sewed the picots on the outer edge of the edging to the actual box.  Fiddly and not helped by my usual self punishment of using invisible sewing thread!!!  One day I'll learn NOT to use that but use something I can actually SEEEEEE!!  It needs to be done during daylight hours and also with a good light on too.  Still it's done - now to find the other box and do that too!!!!

19 November 2013

For those who asked!

I apologise to anybody who doesn't know me and my blog very well but I tend to ramble in my own little world on here and forget that people actually take the time to read it!!!!!!
I've had a few private emails plus a comment on yesterday's blog post asking what the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles look like.

I'll put one or two below but if you look at the page tabs above this post you'll see that there are pages with those and the hooks with hats on etc 'up there'.

18 November 2013

A box full of goodies!!

'Im in the garage arrived 'Chez Eborall' on Friday afternoon with a box full of 'goodies'!!!  

Shuttles GALORE with some that are to die for.  I kept the drool off them with difficulty!!!

This is a list of what I've got:-
2 PURPLEHEART $32.70 each
3 ZEBRANO $32.70 each
5 CHERRY $28.00 each
2 PEAR $28.00 each
2 APPLE $28.00 each
3 OREGAN MYRTLE $28.00 each
1 SEQUOIA $28.00 each (no hook)
1 IROKO $28.00 each (no hook)
1 IROKO $28.50 each
6 HOLLY (3” long) $21.50 each
6 PEAR (3” long) $21.50 each
7 TEAK $10 each
6 ROSEWOOD $10 each
5 ASH $10 each
Ebony (0.4) $10

They will go 'live' in my Etsy shop on Saturday 23rd November at 20.00 GMT.  This will be the last batch before Christmas and the New Year.  Sally couldn't keep him locked in the garage any longer as he was trying to burrow a tunnel under the garage wall!!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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