16 April 2016


Although I know I've added the pattern to the web site I forgot to show you the final (well for me) round of the green (ish) Fandango doily. When I say 'final for me' I mean at the moment I think that's as far as I'm going to go!!! I'm really chuffed with this pattern as it's a 'go further or not' one - just a shame I haven't bothered to block it yet!!!! 

Whilst writing this post it also reminded me that I'd not yet uploaded the link from the Motifs and Snowflakes page either.  I've now done that.  

15 April 2016

Another bauble bell

I'm definitely going great guns on bell production. I've even found a really easy way to hide the ribs in the final row AND add beads to them too. BUT I've got another idea for adding more beads to that final row too.

Hope to be back shortly with the next addition.

By the way - the top is a very small metal split ring which I've covered with tatting before adding the ribs and then continuing the bell. Small ideas make for a fun piece to make.  I do have an idea to make more and more of these in this wonderful metallic thread but we'll see.  

13 April 2016

A new mouse.

If you've got time I suggest you pop over to the Exclusive Club to see the latest mouse from Ginny. Like Ginny I had a hard time figuring out how to do these baubles the first time and find I have to return to them every so often just to refresh my memory. 

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!! I actually really, really love making them!!!

Here's Ginny's picture but you'll have to go to the club to see what she says. 

12 April 2016

It's ready

Finally got my act together and the Fandango Rectangular Doily is now available.

Where? Why here, of course!!!! Below is the first round of the pinkish one and I'm still working on the last (?) round of the green one. It's good to have choices, isn't it?

11 April 2016

Off on my travels

Well, not that far but in my little brain it's a LONG WAY. 

Silly as it may sound - I can get on planes and go wherever I like but getting in a car and driving to places is something I just don't do. I have a fear of getting lost which is ridiculous when nowadays we have satnav etc. I also in the past used to worry about breaking down but that isn't really relevant now as we've got a car with all four wheels (sorry, five) and an engine that appears to work.

Anyway, I met a tatter in Canada called Linda and she's from Gloucester.  We've been emailing and phoning since then. She arranges the Gloucester Tatting Day which is next Saturday and kindly asked me if I'd go along to teach. Well this was a few weeks ago and I said 'yes'. This will be my first foray to a tatting group in England for around twenty years. I don't hear about them anymore since I don't belong to any group or have any means of finding out. Being a grumpy OG that's probably a good thing!

So next Saturday morning I'll be off. Now, I do hope it doesn't turn out like my dream last night. In that I arrived safely but was still wearing my bedroom slippers I was SO embarrassed. I then went to the loo and afterwards, because the event was held in a HUGE school, I couldn't find my way back to the classes. I missed EVERYTHING.  What a silly dream.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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