16 July 2016

Finally got it sorted

Well it's been a strange week here with many emotions kicking around in BC3's head. There's a lot of space in that head, you know, so plenty of room for things to rattle around.

Anyway, between this, that and t'other I managed to get the Fandango hearts put together into a small coaster sized thingy. This time in better colours. I also managed to get the pattern up on the pattern site too so here's the link.

12 July 2016

An experiment!

Now I really liked those little Fandango hearts. So much so I decided to stay and play a bit more!! 

I wondered what would happen if I tried to put them together. I took six of the ones I'd been making to test out the pattern and carefully tied them together with bits of thread. Then I got another colour and wiggled and waggled a flower for the centre. Once I'd finished wiggling and waggling I made another flower and started on the hearts joining according to what I'd learned from the wiggle waggle game!!! 

I'm pleased enough with the 'fit' but not so happy with the colours I used although the hearts themselves are fine - I just chose the wrong colour for the flower!!!! That means you'll have to wait for the pattern until I've done another little mat!!!!! Sorry but I can't put this one on the pattern page!!!

11 July 2016

Last round of the latest Fandango doily!

That was a good idea to use the oranges on the last round so I thought I'd try another similar combination. This is the result.

I'm stopping here as I want to start another square doily. I know - I'm stark staring BONKERS but what do you expect of an old git like me?

My blog posts are getting a bit monotonous lately but I promise you I do have some better ones coming up in due course. Part of the problem is the season of the year. Although it's not been 'good weather' it still generates a lot of distractions which take me away from crafty/tatting things.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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