19 September 2015

Another sort of smiley!!!

This is the last 'live' post before I fly tomorrow.  I've scheduled others to 'happen' while I'm away as I've a backlog of posts.  I'll not be putting links on Facebook though as I'll be too darn busy having fun, fun, fun.

Today I have a smiley that Sarah sent me after reading my other post t'other day. This is what she said.

"Hi Jane, The smiley face you shared on your blog today is cute but I thought you might like to see the one I have been tatting for several years which you designed ... it is the center of the sun in your sun and moon and stars pattern 2004. I always like to have a few of these on hand to stick on note cards or pass to someone who might need a smile. Thank you for all the smiles you pass out.

I 'met' Sarah through the TIAS.

The bee is one of Martha Ess's patterns.  So cute, Martha.

18 September 2015

New earrings

It's ages since I made a new pair of earrings so I decided that my trip needed a new pair!!! I wanted something 'ethereal' (that's a posh name for me, eh?) so decided to use this pattern and play with beads. 

I should've known better than to try and take photos of these earwigs but I did my best! They are very ethereal and VERY glittery too. 

17 September 2015

Ring of Roses Bracelet

Well it had to happen, didn't it? After the bookmark HAD to come the bracelet. 

BUT it needed beads, of course. An almost complete re-write and now it's done. Here's the link.

I've called it the Ring of Roses Bracelet which is obvious really as it's basically the same as the bookmark.

16 September 2015

Just got to make room

The story so far!!! Making room for everything in a suitcase is always challenging and that's why I start off packing so early.  Well, I pack and unpack and re-pack etc!!!

I'm now going to add the two fellas below the suitcase picture so I can at least relieve the town of two of these pesky geese. Wonder if I can squeeze in anymore? Also wondering if Canada is ready to have them back but they're going to anyway whatever they say!!!

15 September 2015

Doily statistics!!!

Ah, remembered I ought to show you this too!!! 

Sad looking ball of thread!!! Well when I decided to do the Jan doily I bought 3 balls of Aida thread and this is all I had left of the white ball!!!  I had enough of the green but cheated a bit as I had some on a ball already so used probably a whole ball.   Peach - I've still got some left of that to make other odds and ends but honestly don't want to see pastel shades again for a while!!!

I also forgot to tell you that my doily measures 32" across and was worked in size 20 thread.

14 September 2015


Finally it's done and I'm already suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!  You just can't win with BC3 so I give up!!!

I decided a week or two ago that I HAD to get it finished before my trip so that when I get back I've got a 'clear space' to work on a couple of new designs.  I usually 'do' a Christmas one and then, of course, there's the Tat It And See design to sort too. 

So I slogged on at the doily until I'd finished it.   It wasn't a slog actually as right til the end I really enjoyed it.  I've made notes on the whole doily and I'm happy to share.  They won't make ANY sense unless you have the pattern itself with the diagrams (those may be found online somewhere) so I'm not breaking any copyright laws.  Also remember that mine includes beads too but the picots can be re-added if required.   The stitch count works and as I've only used the beads on picots I know that it will be fine for the original version.  I learned a lot making this doily - a great experience. 

For those just reading my blog for the first time this is Jan Stawasz's doily called Moje Robotki.  Not sure if you'll be able to find a copy of the magazine it's published in but I may just sell my copy on eventually as I know I won't be making this one again!!!  There used to be some for sale in Etsy but I can't find any now.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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