19 September 2015

Another sort of smiley!!!

This is the last 'live' post before I fly tomorrow.  I've scheduled others to 'happen' while I'm away as I've a backlog of posts.  I'll not be putting links on Facebook though as I'll be too darn busy having fun, fun, fun.

Today I have a smiley that Sarah sent me after reading my other post t'other day. This is what she said.

"Hi Jane, The smiley face you shared on your blog today is cute but I thought you might like to see the one I have been tatting for several years which you designed ... it is the center of the sun in your sun and moon and stars pattern 2004. I always like to have a few of these on hand to stick on note cards or pass to someone who might need a smile. Thank you for all the smiles you pass out.

I 'met' Sarah through the TIAS.

The bee is one of Martha Ess's patterns.  So cute, Martha.


Maureen said...

That's a really nice smiley! - how are the beads arranged I wonder? - to make the smile..... Bon Voyage and I hope the weather is kind to you!

Jane Eborall said...

It's a vlp with joins as you go along!!! You'll have to look at the sun pattern here, Maureen. http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/SunMoonStars.pdf

Maureen said...

Thanks Jane - shall do!

Bernice said...

Safe travels Jane

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Bernice.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

What a wonderful idea! Happy travels, Jane.

Pigmini said...

Be'aves yersen out there in the Big C!!! We shall await the 'backlog' with bated breath!! Don't forget to tell Sir that I'm coming down to 'steals' that doily!!! LOL

Have fun!!

Jane McLellan said...

I like that smiley too. Travel well and enjoy!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

De ja vu! I just saw this card on Martha's post!

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