16 April 2008

Christmas is coming!

OK, I know it's not coming just yet but it is on it's way and it does happen every year so I thought you'd like to see what a friend of mine has been up to. She's Jennifer Williams and is secretary of the Ring of Tatters.
Last Christmas her tree was featured on the cover of the 'new look' (and fabulous it is too) copy of the Ring of Tatter's newsletter.
She has since then spent a lot of time writing down her instructions and has now got it saved in the form of a pdf file which she's very happy to share - for FREE. If you live abroad (i.e. not in the UK) Jennifer will print out copies and mail them at cost. You'll have to ask her how much that will be when you let her know which country you're in!!
Another idea that she has been working on for her tatting group is diagrams on how to sew in ends. I've added that to my web page for her and you'll find it under the 'tips and techniques' section.
Just in case people miss her comment I'm adding Michelle's to the page below!!
"I've seen Jennifer's tree "in person" at one of the craft fairs, and it looks amazing. Espcially with the addition of a string of teeny, battery-powered lights.
And just a note that Jennifer's tree instructions include not only the tree branches, but the candles, baubles & decoration patterns as well." Michelle
Thanks, Michelle and I so agree with you. It's a stunning tree - it's been to visit me at home here too!!!


I've gone as far as I want to on this project although I might, just might add an edging to it eventually. It's not as good as I thought it was going to be. Sometimes finished work just doesn't turn out as you'd expect. I'd love to see this done in other colours but that will have to wait until I have more time. The mat measures about 9 1/2" across which is why I couldn't quite get it into the scanner!!!
Next on the list? I'll probably go back to another idea which will be a TIAS so this blog may be quiet for a while. Well, one can hope I can be quiet although it's not in the nature of the beast!!!

15 April 2008

New book

Yesterday, after a world tour, my book from Martha Ess finally arrived!! She mailed it to me almost a month ago but it must've been round the world before arriving here in the UK.
It's a great book from the 'queen of block tatting' and has all these patterns which you can see on the front and back covers - plus more! The variations on the little heart are SO cute.
Thanks, Martha. It was an honour and a pleasure to be asked to test tat a few of these patterns for your book. I will be available for the next one - hint, hint!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.