17 September 2011

Fandango cross

Well having given the two blue crosses away I suddenly realised I hadn't got one for myself.  I like to keep one of each pattern in a box 'just in case'.  So I set about making another but this time in a size 80 thread.

The variegated thread is one that Zarina sent me and it's SO delicious.  I've been dying (yes, it's HDT) to try it since I received it.

16 September 2011

The very last butterfly

The page is up and ready to go - here's the link.  If you do ever get round to making it I'd love to see it.
Thank you to my valiant team of test tatters - without you I'd have given up the re-writing ages ago!!!  I've altered the text yet again to make it simpler, I hope!!!

Having always been a 'bright colours' person I'm trying to show here that I can do 'other' shades too!!!  The variegated pink is a Lizbeth one which I bought for pigs!!  The brown is an ancient Coats.  As you probably know there is a new Lizbeth thread out in these colours - all on the same ball, though.  I can't wait to try it.

Well, upwards and onwards to the next project.  Should I return to the bell?  Probably!!!

15 September 2011

First experiment in a ring

Still working with a size 40 thread I decided that this bell would probably look OK in a ring.

These rings are 2 1/2" in diameter and are often or usually sold as bracelets.  I used to call them 'Indian bracelets' but not sure what they're known as nowadays.  Hmmmm, perhaps I should google them!!!!

This one needs a bit of tidying up - a dab of glue on the ends (none need sewing in on this pattern), some careful 'snipping' of extra thread and the removal of a piece of hair/thread from the bottom right corner.

 Do you like the way I've added beads AFTER tying to the metal ring?  Not sure if I do but that's me - never sure of things!!!  Remember - this is JUST an experiment!!!!!

14 September 2011

Dragonfly pattern now ready

Here's the pattern and here are two more worked exactly as the pattern states - for once!!!

I'm a terror for changing my patterns as I go but this time I think I've got them just right!!!  

Anyway, if you do decide to work any up yourself you can change the amount of beads you put on both the long beaded picots and also where you do the joining of those picots!!!  That's what took the time - trying out different bead counts!!!

The two below are earrings - or will be when I get round to putting them on ear wires!!!  They're worked in a number 80 thread.

13 September 2011

Three butterflies

Here are three of the butterflies which my stalwart test tatters made.  Megga big thanks to them and all t'others.  

I'm almost ready to put both butterflies on the pattern site and will try and make time to do that later this week.
First in is from Stephanie who worked in these two colours.
Next is from Martha Ess who took time from her new book to test this for me.
Then there was Jane McLelland's which arrived a few days ago!!

12 September 2011

Outside in Bell

This next pattern is one I started on for sheer amusement!!  I'm getting bored with tatting and I needed to challenge myself in a new design.
Looks pretty darn simple, doesn't it?  Well it is.  BUT.

I wanted to try something which I could call a 'wrong way round' design and this is it.  Well, it's the first of 'this is its', I hope!!!  We'll see and time will tell!!!

Why is it a 'wrong way round' design?  Perhaps you can work it out!!!!  Answers on a postage stamp, please!!!!

I gave you a clue which can be found here.  That little STINKER Mark Myers worked out what it was from my stinky sister's comment!!!!  She knew what I was up to and thought she was being clever but Mark knew how our brains worked.  Next time I see you, Mark, I'm gonna give you a big hug - when Kim's not looking!!!!  That'll be your punishment!!!!  That's why this design already has a name - The Outside In Bell!!!!

Ooooh, I do make me laugh - sometimes!!

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