12 September 2011

Outside in Bell

This next pattern is one I started on for sheer amusement!!  I'm getting bored with tatting and I needed to challenge myself in a new design.
Looks pretty darn simple, doesn't it?  Well it is.  BUT.

I wanted to try something which I could call a 'wrong way round' design and this is it.  Well, it's the first of 'this is its', I hope!!!  We'll see and time will tell!!!

Why is it a 'wrong way round' design?  Perhaps you can work it out!!!!  Answers on a postage stamp, please!!!!

I gave you a clue which can be found here.  That little STINKER Mark Myers worked out what it was from my stinky sister's comment!!!!  She knew what I was up to and thought she was being clever but Mark knew how our brains worked.  Next time I see you, Mark, I'm gonna give you a big hug - when Kim's not looking!!!!  That'll be your punishment!!!!  That's why this design already has a name - The Outside In Bell!!!!

Ooooh, I do make me laugh - sometimes!!


Maureen said...

It's not a bell, it's a frog!! - a Fat, Pensive Frog.

Valerie said...

ah, jane, i figure this bell was made from the outer most row inwards, starting with the red! well, why not, with a brilliant brain cell #3?!

Margarets designer cards said...

I can see its a bell, but I wonder how he figured it out?

Karrieann said...

...it is not a bell nor a frog, it IS Grinch himself peering through a beautiful Whoville's window and his eyes are red with jealousy!

Ladytats said...

you worked the outside first, then filled in the center, looks very nice.
I can see how that could be a good technique to know, there are times you need to have the outside dimensions set so you can figure out the middle size.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

What a cute little bell. But I see what looks like an owl sitting in the middle of the bell. LOL!!

Jon Yusoff said...

I am going with Maureen because all I see is a fat, bloated frog.

Fox said...

I have no idea how you do this, but I know I really like it!
Fox ; )

Martha said...

I'd say you worked the outline first, then the owl in the middle, and finished with the ring at the bottom. It's the color blips of the lock joins that give it away. There's a join that prevents this, which would have made it really sneaky. I can't remember the name, something like drop and roll.

Jane Eborall said...

Well when the men in white coats come to fetch me I'm going to give them all your names too!!! Well, certainly you, Maureen, Karriann, Carol, Jon and Martha!!! Actually, Ladytats it doesn't help one bit to work the outside first - almost makes it harder. It was really just a challenge for myself!!! Martha - I was too lazy to use the blipless method as this was about the 8th attempt and I was getting a wee bit frustrated with myself by then!!!

Sally Kerson said...

Ah people will have to take notice of my comments in future, especially if there is a guessing game! Well done Mark.

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