27 July 2013

Life goes on!

I'm getting on well with the sewing but family commitments will cut that short for probably two weeks starting on Monday so I'll finish the ones I've started and list those sometime next week.  I've got 5 'on the go' at the moment.

In the evenings I'm still enjoying the button brooches and here are two more - thinking Christmas this time.  Really MUST get this pattern finished and up on the internet.  The trouble I'm having is the lack of time.  Why aren't there more than 24 hours in a day and WHY do I have to do boring stuff like housework, shopping, sleepinig etc which 'steals' my time?

26 July 2013

More about being tidy

Well I asked Sally for suggestions on what to call these little 'pots' and she came up with several suggestions but the one I like best is the Tatting Tidy.  

This is the second prototype but I'm STILL not happy with it.  I think I've thought of a better way of making them.  The way I made this one took soooooo long I nearly fell asleep while making it!!!!!

Maureen sent me a fabulous way of making something similar (thank you, M) and it looked much easier too - BUT I've always gone my own way and am still going along with this idea.  Phyllis also suggested putting handles on so you can take it with you but the whole idea (thanks, Phyllis) is to have a static place by my table.  Also I wouldn't want my 'equipment' on the outside of a bag that I took around with me - in case stuff fell out!!!!  I have made bags (dolly bags) before now with the pockets on the inside and a drawstring closure and they work but this one is supposed to stay where it's put and I'm supposed to keep things tidy in it!!!

I've still got this particular bee in my bonnet so will have another go at a different way of making them over the next few days.  Several days of having the first one by my side and I'm still using it.  It's great to go to tat corner and find what I want straight away and just because BC3 actually put things away in their proper place!!!  Another bonus - I haven't sat on the scissors for days either!!!

24 July 2013

Making myself tidy!!!

I get exasperated with myself most days when I go to pick up shuttles and find them in a muddle on the table by the side of 'tat corner'.  

Following the 'un-tangling of the shuttles' there is the next part of the game which is called 'hunt the crochet hook' followed a while later by the final part of the game, before I can settle down properly, which is called 'hunt the scissors'.

In an attempt to stop this game in the future I've made a little stand up 'thing' which now sits by me and which I've now got to train BC3 (brain cell 3) to use.   The size means it'll also hold a ball or two of thread too. Not sure what I'm going to call it but originally it was going to be a 'shuttle park' but it'll more likely be named something else.  

I will be looking at improvements to the idea in case anybody else might want one.  I'll see what the reaction is to the idea first but I'm pretty sure Sally will want one as she has the same problems as me!!!

23 July 2013

More brooches.

Isn't it strange that I'd already decided on blue brooches for today's post?  I could just say they are in honour of the new Royal baby boy but then I'd be stretching my imagination a bit!!!  I usually decide on posts a day or two ahead so was rather chuffed when Kate and William decided to honour my blog by producing a boy yesterday!!!

I can now make these without checking myself every few seconds!!!!  I sit with the laptop on my knees in the evening working on patterns and am always checking and double checking as I go.  
Most of the fun in these brooches is the rummaging through my thread and bead stash deciding what to use next!!!  The other evening I was in a 'blue mood' so here's what happened!!!!! 

Of course this colour always reminds me of Diane who is a 'blue lady'!!!  I will add these two to the Etsy shop some time soon although I need to take photos of them first and then package them - not my favourite part!!!!

So, what colour will be next?  I'll have a look in my stash later to decide.  SUCH fun.

22 July 2013

Come to the carnival with me

Well, it's Jess's carnival HDT, actually!!!  I love, love, love the pure cheerfulness of her range of HDT.

Now that all the shuttles and hooks have sold out of the Etsy shop I'm back on making brooches or, as our American friends call them, pins.  

This is a new pattern which will (when it's finished!) be drop dead easy.  Nothing except rings and chains with the 'odd' bead or two thrown in.  I've got one for sale in the Etsy shop.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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