14 December 2013

Playing with Celeste

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Frivole's pattern - Celeste in her recent giveaway.  So pretty.

Well I looked and looked at it but just couldn't pluck up the courage to make picot gauges.  I tatted for all those years (pre-internet) without ever using one (because I'd never heard of them!) and couldn't see why I'd need them for regular tatting.  Actually I wonder when gauges were invented - anybody got the answer to that?  

Anyway, the answer to my problem (with apologies to Frivole) was to make the long picots into long beaded picots as they act as a foolproof (well it is an OG tatting it) gauge without the hassle of finding an old credit card to make a 'real' gauge!!!

I think this motif (see below) is stunning.  I'm going to make another with beads in the centre too and more on the outside instead of picots.  Just need BC3 to help me work out the numbers on each shuttle but I'm sure he'll manage that!!  The beads mean that it keeps it's shape very well too - I haven't even pressed this one yet and honestly don't think it really needs to see an iron either!!!!

13 December 2013

Progress on the latest box

This is SUCH a bad picture.   I apologise.

This is for the top of the box that I showed you here.  You can't see in this lousy picture that I used the beads that I cut off the original.  I also used a doodad with a 'diamond' in the centre for this design.  I 'rescued' these from pairs of earrings that I bought from Asda a few years ago.  Bargain too as they were in the sale.  Right sort of 'diamonds' for me too - fake!!!!

Promise I'll make sure the next picture is a lot better.

12 December 2013

How to keep an OG stimulated!

So, it's nearly Christmas but it came early yesterday!!!!  A package I'd ordered from Amazon for my grandson, another I picked up from Lakeland to replace the gift for Nick that I returned last week etc etc.  

BUT there was also a package for MEEEEE.  All the way from America too.  Thanks, EttaJ - that'll keep an OG inspired for ages.  Just having a few problems with Nick, though.  I gave him a Mary Jane sweet (they're yummmmyyyyy) and he's now convinced they also say 'Nick' on them.

Before I finish.  I must tell you the story of Nick's returned present.  I bought it last Saturday and smuggled it into the house.  He came out of the kitchen with a big grin on his face to show me what had just arrived from Amazon - it was the same as I'd just bought him.  

I took it back to the shop and asked the girl if I could have a refund as my partner had bought himself one off Amazon.  Of course, she said.  What is it?  I produced the sink plunger out of my bag but she was lost after that in a fit of giggles.  You can tell I think a lot of the guy - it's not everybody who buys somebody they love a sink plunger!!!

11 December 2013

Little boxes once again!

Wandering through the shop in town a few weeks ago I spotted more of these boxes.

Well I succumbed as usual and came home with a few.  They look lovely as they are but the scissors came out and the first one 'got naked'!!!

Now, what shall I do next?!?!?

Must say that I've kept the beads and sequins (well, those that didn't take a dive off my lap into oblivion and finally the hoover) so they could well be re-used.  Watch this space!!!   

Well, the space between my two ears where BC3 lives!!!

10 December 2013

Another snowflake in a flurry!!!

This is another almost the same as this one but that had gold beads and this has clear ones.  

I have a son in law who nags me unmercifully for tatted bits to go on their tree.  Bless his cotton socks as he and his mum are the only ones who display my work at Christmas!!!  I certainly don't as the bits and bobs are somewhere in 'that' box in a cupboard somewhere!!!!  

So pleasing that somebody can be bothered to use them!!!!

9 December 2013


I have a  habit.  No, not a nasty or unpleasant one, even.  It's a habit I simply can't seem to kick!!!  

When I first started tatting the only thing my gran could suggest was doing hanky edgings.  Wonderful for practice but not very inspiring for a 13 year old!!!!  In fact they're just plain BORING!!!

BUT that's now my 'go to' thing when I've finished whatever task I've set myself for the evening.  I seem to always have one at the side of my chair.  This is the latest one.  

They simply HAVE to be done in a size 80 thread.  Nothing else will do.  This is the 'oh so simple' edging which can be found here.  It really is simple and grows pretty quickly too giving a good depth to the hanky as well.  So, this one's finished and I've already got out colours for the next one!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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