12 December 2013

How to keep an OG stimulated!

So, it's nearly Christmas but it came early yesterday!!!!  A package I'd ordered from Amazon for my grandson, another I picked up from Lakeland to replace the gift for Nick that I returned last week etc etc.  

BUT there was also a package for MEEEEE.  All the way from America too.  Thanks, EttaJ - that'll keep an OG inspired for ages.  Just having a few problems with Nick, though.  I gave him a Mary Jane sweet (they're yummmmyyyyy) and he's now convinced they also say 'Nick' on them.

Before I finish.  I must tell you the story of Nick's returned present.  I bought it last Saturday and smuggled it into the house.  He came out of the kitchen with a big grin on his face to show me what had just arrived from Amazon - it was the same as I'd just bought him.  

I took it back to the shop and asked the girl if I could have a refund as my partner had bought himself one off Amazon.  Of course, she said.  What is it?  I produced the sink plunger out of my bag but she was lost after that in a fit of giggles.  You can tell I think a lot of the guy - it's not everybody who buys somebody they love a sink plunger!!!


Maureen said...

Maybe you need to adopt the rule we insist on when it's coming up to Christmas: no-one is allowed to by anything for themselves during the weeks leading up to it! Then the sink plunger could have been a surprise under the tree, and I am saying nothing at all about that.

Margarets designer cards said...

Sorry Jane I am in a fit of giggles, it's a useful present, mine does not want anything, so unless I can think of something that's what he will get nothing. He's over the moon today his new shed was delivered and installed, men and sheds I don't get it, pity it's not big enough for him to have a seat and play out there.

Jane Eborall said...

Ha, Margaret. My dad 'lived' in a shed for 97 years!!! They ought to be made to sleep in them too!!!!

Ladytats said...

that is an awesome present, all those buttons and other findings. I can see you having oh so much fun.

tattrldy said...

A package like that would keep me occupied, too!
I was laughing, too, at Nick's gift. At least you know how to keep him happy!

Jane McLellan said...

We did laugh. Last year I gave my daughter a food mixer, only to be told that she had just bought herself one. Not a lot more romantic than a sink plunger!

Fox said...

: )) Thanks for the giggle!

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