6 January 2023


Don’t forget - the Tat It And See starts next Wednesday. Just saying in order to keep reminding MYSELF!!!!

Another bookmark was made.  I’ve now got five with my self imposed target of six well in sight!!!  I need this sort of pattern to work on when the knitting or designing gets too hard and I just want to relax.

If I do what others do - relax by sitting reading or watching telly then I promptly fall asleep!!!  The only way to relax for me is to keep my fingers busy!!

4 January 2023

Knitting? Did somebody mention

After the success of this jumper I thought I’d try another pattern.  The first one was done with double knitting yarn but this next time I decided I wanted to use 4 ply.  Am I MAD or am I MAD?

So off I set on my journey through Ravelry.  Well we all know how long that takes but I eventually found ‘just what I wanted’ right here.

Now I’ve always tried to stretch myself to do more and more complicated things but I think this was probably a ‘step too far’ this time.  

I think I started at the beginning of December but progress was dismal and disastrous!!!  I think I started about eight times.  As there are only four rib rows of knit one, purl one before the start of ‘German short rows’ it was really hard to unpick ‘just to the ribbing’.  Each time I’d pull out the rows and try and pick up after the four rows of rib and I failed time and time again.  I was about to go searching Ravelry for an alternative pattern when I thought I’d have ‘one more go’.  This turned out to be pretty successful.  

The main problem was that the pattern is condescend at the start and expands as the garment moves outwards towards the shoulders.  I think I’m now ‘on track’ to succeed eventually!!!

2 January 2023

Happy New TIAS

Yes today is a global warning - not warming.  
I will be putting out several ‘warnings’ over the next week or so.  They will be about the start of this year’s TIAS on January 11th.  For those who are new to tatting or those who have been tatting forever this is a game in which I release parts of a new pattern every few days.  The introduction to the game can be found at the top left side of this blog.

Most of the fun is in seeing other people’s work (which they send to me and I add to the TIAS blog) and their guesses as to what the finished piece will be.  

The reason for the name ‘Tat It And See’ is that nobody knows what the end result is going to be!!!  Well, I know and my test tatters know but I’m not telling you their names either!!!

Please do try and join in.  Even new tatters should be able to take part and I add in additional help in the pattern and am also here to give further advice as needed.

All I ask is that if you put pictures of your piece on Facebook or elsewhere that you also send them to me for the blog.  Not everybody ‘does’ social media and I don’t have time to ‘harvest’ from other places.

The picture?  Well it’s one of the past TIAS patterns!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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