28 August 2020

Bowl cosies

After my little stint of pot holders/dishcloths I decided to try making bowl cosies.

Now I've made fabric ones aplenty in the past but this time I decided to experiment with crochet ones.  Why would anyone want a bowl cozy, you may well ask?  Bowls tend to 'cosy up' to each other in a cupboard so why do they want another 'man (or woman) made' one?  Let's face it they don't go out for walks and need a coat like we do!!!! 

Well they're for putting a bowl in in the microwave and they stop humans from burning their fingers when they get the very hot food out.  

I use mine a lot for the pudding sized bowls and I have several small bowls I use a lot too so I made a smaller version too.  

There is some logic in what I do from time to time!!!

25 August 2020

Another spiral

Just a few posts this week as I've not got a lot to show!!!  Still plodding along with the knitting and the spiral snowflakes.  
I've found that the reverse join (although not 'essential') is a great technique for this little flake.  Mainly to keep the colour looking better in the very short chains.

Here's another I've done!!!!

24 August 2020

Get behind me temptation!!!

A couple of weeks ago I got 'one of those' emails - like everybody does!!! 
This one is always quite interesting and on this occasion it was offering 4 ply wool (as in sock wool) at a truly great price.  

I kept this email in my inbox all week and kept going to look and kept trying to decide which ball (or balls) I was going to choose.  

I happened to be in the room where the tatting cupboard is (and my stash of yarn) when I wondered if I'd got any 4 ply wool that needed using up.  I found a few balls.  

There was a ball of variegated blue which I'd made my favourite pair of gloves from a few years ago.  They're SO warm.  So I found the gloves themselves and went to weigh both the gloves and the leftover yarn.  Eureka.  I've got enough for another pair!!!  Here's one of the pair already finished.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.