5 July 2019

Something I'd never heard of

Again whilst talking to Judith about the Ruth Scharf leaves she pointed out to me that Elaine had come up with a reverse join.

Now I'd just started adding beads to the leaves when I heard about this join.  When I want to change directions I usually do a SLT and RW at the same time.  I find it's quite a balletic move as it flows from my hands.  No need to let go of the chain thread so so much faster.  But once I tried the reverse join there's no going back to my old ways!!!

Below is Judith's explanation of the reverse join but I will get round to drawing it up and making a technique page - one day!!!!

1. Using ball and shuttle threads

2. Start a lock join with the shuttle thread as usual by lifting a loop of the shuttle thread through the picot.

3. Lay the ball thread across between the loop and the thread from the shuttle. (Encapsulate it.)

4. Then pass the shuttle through the loop and tighten normally.

5. Instead of being above the join at the start, the ball thread will now be below the join (reversed position), hence ‘reverse join’.

4 July 2019

Knitting a tea cozy

We had a very quiet day at Silver Surfers two weeks ago so the volunteers had time for a chat with each other!!! Usually we get a few people wanting help but not this particular Wednesday.

While we were talking Pete mentioned he'd like a tea cozy for his teapot. Joan and I discussed it and I've taken the task on!!!! 

I'd knitted a tea cozy like this one years ago and still have it somewhere. I wanted to knit this pattern so duly armed myself with yarn, needles and pattern and off I set. Whoops, not as easy as I thought to get the tension behind the 'pleats' on this pattern.  Took me three attempts to get started!!!  Still I'm off and doing OK with it now. Going to be interesting when it comes to decreasing, though!!!

First picture is the front and the other is the back. Fingers crossed it’ll finish up OK.

3 July 2019

Gold leaf earrings

Well yes I got a bit carried away!!!! I'm just loving these leaves.

I’m rapidly running out of sparkly thread so when I get to Palmetto Tat Days I’m going to HAVE to stock up again.  Not that I really need an excuse, of course!!!

Most of the sparkly threads are from the Turkish range which Tatting and Design stock and import here in the UK.  I'm hoping to find similar at Tat Days but if not I'll be getting in touch with Barbara to ask her to bring some to Gloucester Tat Days at the end of September.  

2 July 2019

A very helpful conversation

Just lately I've been chatting with Judith Connors. I met her a few years ago when I went to the Fringe Element Tat Days in Canada. Yes, I know Judith is from Australia but I was lucky enough to spend a few days with her and our hostess with then mostest (Terry). What did we have in common? I'll leave you to work that one out!!!

A few days ago we started to discuss the leaves that I've been making and she pointed out that the word 'tischband' is German for 'table ribbon' which, obviously, refers to a whole load of leaves (and other things) put together. Now that this has been pointed out to me I'm going to call them 'Ruth Scharf leaves' in future!!! Thanks, Judith, for pointing that out to me.

Now I wore this pair of earrings on Friday (and Saturday AND Sunday) and people thought they were beads because they sparkled so much. That’s, of course, down to the very sparkly thread I used. Pity that sparkle is so hard to photograph.  

1 July 2019


Before the leaves took over I was certainly in bell 'mode'!!! Here are two pairs of earrings that I made. I don't want them as I've got enough earrings so will put them in Palmetto's silent auction - IF I can find them again!!!

They're somewhere in the house but the problem is - where?  I'm at that stage when my personal life is very, very busy and I'm trying to pack my stuff (handmade things) ready for the trip across the pond.  Once I've got my department number (technical stuff!) for the vending room then that can go into the suitcase and I'll be able to see if there's any room for clothes!

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Happy Beaks
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