30 June 2017

Back to experimenting

So, this is where I've not got to with the motif I abandoned to go off on another Dora adventure.

This is where I'd got to. The top picture below is (probably) the front and the bottom one is - well, you can guess!!!

Actually it doesn't look too bad in the pictures but I'm not happy with it in 'real life'. 

I've now decided what I'm making - it's a sun catcher 'thingie'. Least that's sort of progress!!! 

I liked the idea before I added it to the ring but it's that last round of chains joining to the metal ring that really doesn't please me. Back to BC3, I guess!!!

29 June 2017

Another sewing project

On a Tuesday morning we have a craft group in our road - well, not in the middle of the road but in a large house which is run by a charity and in which we rent a room for two hours. The group consists mainly of people who live in our road and the next one.

We got together last year to make bunting for the street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday and we all enjoyed getting together to make things that we've continued. Recently we had another party (midsummer was the excuse this time!!!) and we made a patchwork quilt which was raffled. The money we raised was donated to the new local hospital. We've made fiddle muffs for the dementia units in and around the town and blankets too. 

Our next project is going to be more bunting for another hospital towards their new midwife run baby unit. Work started on that this Tuesday. We're also making pillowcase dresses to send to Africa via another charity and this is what's been absorbing me in the afternoons. It's an interesting project as they are very simple to make but once you start on them you (well, I do) start to think of what the little girl who gets the dress might like on it. I've done one with flowers, one with hearts and another with balloons. It's great fun to do but I'd love to see the kiddie's faces when they get a little dress made from a pillowcase.

28 June 2017

A little progress

This is probably the most complicated part of this pattern but once you've done it once it's really quite straightforward. I puzzled and puzzled over this for ages as it's incredibly clever. 

I'm also working on that new design I showed you but this Dora pattern keeps tempting me away from it!!! I MUST have a word with myself and get back on track with it!!!!

26 June 2017

That word 'digital'

Why is it that word always pulls me in? If it's 'digital' then it must be interesting!!!

I saw a 'digital' row counter advertised on one of my regular emails from 'The Wool Warehouse' so decided to investigate! 

I'm always getting in a muddle over counting rows particularly when crocheting but also with some tatting patterns. So for just a VERY small amount I bought this one to try it out. I LOVE it. That's not just because it's bright pink!!! It fits comfortably on a finger with an adjustable strap so (in theory!) I won't be able to lose it!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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