29 June 2017

Another sewing project

On a Tuesday morning we have a craft group in our road - well, not in the middle of the road but in a large house which is run by a charity and in which we rent a room for two hours. The group consists mainly of people who live in our road and the next one.

We got together last year to make bunting for the street party to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday and we all enjoyed getting together to make things that we've continued. Recently we had another party (midsummer was the excuse this time!!!) and we made a patchwork quilt which was raffled. The money we raised was donated to the new local hospital. We've made fiddle muffs for the dementia units in and around the town and blankets too. 

Our next project is going to be more bunting for another hospital towards their new midwife run baby unit. Work started on that this Tuesday. We're also making pillowcase dresses to send to Africa via another charity and this is what's been absorbing me in the afternoons. It's an interesting project as they are very simple to make but once you start on them you (well, I do) start to think of what the little girl who gets the dress might like on it. I've done one with flowers, one with hearts and another with balloons. It's great fun to do but I'd love to see the kiddie's faces when they get a little dress made from a pillowcase.


Maureen said...

Pillowcase dresses are such a good idea! My youngest daughter made some with the sewing machine we gave her for her birthday last year,and Zoe looked very cute in them.They were all the rage in the Daycare Centre, I think lots of young mothers were making them!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My youngest daughter loves making pillowcase dresses, too! I have yet to try one, but I can imagine how much fun they are to decorate!

Tim Kaylor said...

Such a thoughtful idea. I bet the faces would be all smiles.

God's Kid said...

Those are sweet!!! :)

Ladytats said...

They are easy and cute. and the material will wear pretty well. I like the idea of your embellishments. They will make each dress special.

Jane McLellan said...

Super idea!

craftie sylvie said...

So cute! The embellishments are really lovely :)

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