2 March 2023

Jumper finished

I’ve been knitting! No shuttles while the TIAS was ongoing and definitely no designing either. I thought knitting would be relaxing but as my BC3 doesn’t ‘do boring’ very well I found this jumper.  It was a huge challenge. I’ve finished it now and have actually worn it too.  I bought it off Ravelry and it can be found here.  Least I hope this link will work.

It’s worked from the top down in 4ply yarn and it took me about 8 starts to ‘get’ the German short rows and the pattern straight and into my poor old BC3!!! Finally it’s done and I’m very pleased with it.  So were my wonderful new friends at the Friday knitting group who gave me wonderful advice and help.

28 February 2023

Another message from Mary Jane!!!

This came from Mary Jane yesterday afternoon!!! I know the feeling about things 'going missing'. 

"Thank you for showing my heart and clown. Hope to find my sweatshirt with the Santa Claus on it. I moved to Santa Claus Indiana in 1992. Found your pattern put on sweatshirt wore to IOLO convention. Where? Can’t remember been too long ago. Before the clown."

Then later in the afternoon I got this message AND a picture of the missing sweatshirt!!

Well done for finding it Mary Jane!!!

27 February 2023

Mary Jane’s clown

I’ve had a bit of a break from this blog whilst dealing with the Tat It And See. I then took last week off while getting my BC3 back into ‘back to boring’ mode!!!

The aliens from the TIAS are still slowly coming in and I’m hopeful that we’ll reach a hundred eventually. Once we’re near that I’ll start thinking of a new TIAS design for next January.

Meantime one of the bonuses of doing the TIAS is that people get in touch and sometimes we have a good old ‘natter’ on email. I find out too that people do actually use my patterns which is very reassuring and when they send them to me that makes my day. Mary Jane sent in her clown - the pattern is here and that cheered me up LOADS. 

Mind it was a bit frightening when I saw the date I did it - over 20 years ago. Where does the time go?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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