9 July 2016

I was hoping

REALLY hoping to get the heart off my computer earlier this week but life decided otherwise!!!! 

I did, however, finally get it sorted yesterday evening - on the way to bed. Having said that there may be missing links or something as BC3 was already half asleep anyway!!!

Here, however, is the link to the pattern which is in (obviously!) the Hearts section on my web site.

7 July 2016

Another heart or two!!!

This time I experimented with TWO colours. Yes, TWO colours!!!! Am I being silly? You bet I am!!! 

I think this makes the pattern a whole lot better and more pleasing on the eye. 

It's nearly ready to be put on the pattern page but I need to settle down and put all the links and 'stuff' into the document. I'll happily design, tat, draw and put things like this together but then happily forget or just put off finishing the page and uploading it!!! 

Maybe it's time to go hunting. It must be the hunting season for brain cells soon. What do you think of a BC4 to help me finish things off BEFORE I start something new?

6 July 2016

I forgot!

To show you this round of this Fandango doily.   I completed it a week or two ago. 

After agonising over the green round I thought I'd take another risk and use orange colours. This is the result!!!

5 July 2016

More about the heart idea

Looking again at the heart that Joanie pointed me too I decided that it needed an 'outside'!!! It took a few tries but in the end I settled on the 'outsides' below.

I've already started to put this together as a webpage pattern but I've also been playing with it to see what else I can 'turn it into'!!! You'll have to wait a day or two to see 'what happens next' as I've been busy doing other things was well.

These look quite good in one colour but now I'm wondering about using two colours!!! As soon as I've decided on one thing - another idea pops into my head!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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