29 July 2022

Celtic Ferris Wheel again

Just found this which I haven't shown you before.  I'm totally fed up with trying to make this design larger at the moment but I may well return to it sometime in the future!!

27 July 2022

Fandango progress

I'm still plodding along with my neighbour's doily.  It's going to be about 17" by 12 or 13 - when it's done!!!  

I think it will need two more rows after the current one but we'll see.  On the final row I'll repeat the very dark green but haven't decided whether that will be on one shuttle or both!!!

26 July 2022

Mary's bookmark

Mary sent me a picture of her bookmark.  Love the colours she's used.

I'm working (along with my test tatter) on the bracelet version and should have it up and running soon.  I'll let you know!!!

25 July 2022

Monday moan - sort of

I rarely buy books - well, not tatting books as I now have so many and the earliest I have dates back to 1870.  I resist buying as long as I can BUT occasionally there's a pattern book that calls to me and the cover picture on one really did that BIG TIME.  So I bought it and am happily looking forward to making one or two of the doilies because they are just so pretty.
BUT the one thing that really put me off when I opened it is the the way it appears to allocate front side/back side tatting to the invention of Jan Stawasz who is given the accolade of coming up with the idea.  This is sadly not true (it's been around since before Mrs Beeton published her book.  Actually since 1865 - see this link and the instructions on making a reversed double stitch.  

The thing that Jan did actually (to an old timer like me) is complicate the whole issue of using this 'technique'.  Some years ago I did his monster doily but ignored his notation completely!  What I did was count the total of doubles on a ring or chain and divide it up where there were picots and popped them in where they belonged.  I tatted it doing rings as per usual and chains by making the second half of the stitch first followed by the first half - RODS (reverse order of double stitch).  Oh, I also added beads to give the finished piece some weight and it's kept it's shape better by doing that too.  Sorry, I digress.  

So when I tackle the book (which I will do when I've finished another big project) I will be totally doing it using RODS.  Again (I've said this before) I do NOT think it's necessary to do tatting that way but tend to do it with things that will be scanned or only seen from the 'right' side.  

Oh, I bet you want to know which book I bought!!!  Here it is.  I'm DELIGHTED with it.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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