31 October 2009

A little something to show you!

I'm back into tatting.  Well, that's not strictly true - I've never been away!!!

I am working on two new patterns.  One finished and one nearly done.  The first I've been 'hanging on to' until after Halloween as it's my Christmas giveaway.  More about that next week!!!

Today I'm showing you the bookmark I made over the past two evenings.  The pattern is on my site (which now has a search bar!!!).

Oh, before I go - please bear with me over the next few days as I update my web pages and the home page again.  All my links appear to have gone AWOL during the transfer from the PC to the mac!!  Still, it keeps an OG outa mischief, I guess!!!!

Special note to Georgia - don't worry only a few links MAY have to change as my main site sometimes appears  to be full!!!

29 October 2009

Nothing to tell - well, nothing to show!!

Yesterday I did very little.  I had to be out all day.  Today will be the same too.  So, no progress on the mac BUT I did start an intriguing tatting project in the evening.

This is a commissioned piece of work which I'm hoping I'll be allowed to show you.  I've done things for this lass before but thankfully this time I'll not be working in number 80 BLACK!!!  This is still a number 80 thread but a much easier colour for winter evenings.

28 October 2009

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose!!

Nope, not talking about giveaways but life in general!!!

Yesterday morning I decided to upload my web page from the mac.  Not easy as first I had to set up an ftp link which meant pulling out all my resources in the way of brain cells.  Then, when I'd finally downloaded the software, set it up (amidst much cussing!!) I sent the page up.  The home page is the only one now which is in html so I thought this would be a huge step forward to do this.  Oh, BOY, was I wrong!!!!

Just before leaving the house to go shopping I realised that the poooey thing had lost all the links.  Now for those who have never built a web page  - this  is a major disaster.  I fiddled and fathomed between shopping and fixing another friend's computer (did another one the day before!) then I finally realised I could re-load the original from the PC so that's fixed that for now.  BUT this leaves me with the problem of 'how to' save my original file as an htm file on the mac without losing all the wretched links.  Can anybody in tat land explain to a mathered old git how to do this?  I've got Neo Office which will let me save as html and from what I've read that should be fine but I think it's more to do with the transferring of files from PC to mac.  If I've got to do all the links again it will take up precious tatting time!!!  IF I understood what I was doing in the first place it would help, of course!!!

On t'other hand late last night I found out how to put a search box on the home page.  Now everybody should be able to go searching  on my site without running around like a headless chicken.  Least I hope!!  Thanks to somebody pointing out that Georgia had a box like this I decided to find out for myself how and where to get one from!!!  So the day wasn't really lost!!

27 October 2009

Progress is being made!

All files have now been transferred to the new mac (via a magic cable and with the help of number 4) so all I've got to do is learn how to use it!!!  Which reminds me - where DOES Apple hide the hash key on the keyboard?!?!?

I've found how to scan things, save etc and the printer, graphics pad etc all worked almost straight away (with a few driver updates).  Next I need to find time.

Busy week ahead with people to help out on their PC's.  Still it'll keep an old git out of mischief!!!

I am still tatting and may have something new to show next week - once halloween's out of the way!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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