29 October 2009

Nothing to tell - well, nothing to show!!

Yesterday I did very little.  I had to be out all day.  Today will be the same too.  So, no progress on the mac BUT I did start an intriguing tatting project in the evening.

This is a commissioned piece of work which I'm hoping I'll be allowed to show you.  I've done things for this lass before but thankfully this time I'll not be working in number 80 BLACK!!!  This is still a number 80 thread but a much easier colour for winter evenings.


Fox said...

Winter.... did yo say WINTER? Gads, I'm still just holding together, as I kick these lovely orange and red leaves around. Brrrr. Eager to see what you are up to!
Fox : )

Ridgewoman said...

Today it is 32 degrees, but snow has melted. What in the world is the commission going to be used for ~ as I know it's quite long. I'm sorting through threads for the "Sheep" Don't want to order more threads as I have such an accumulation; but, finding I don't have that much size 40 ~ which sheep will be done with (all except for the sheep ~ they are size 80 thread. I may fudge and use 40 on those too! LOL X P

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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