28 October 2009

Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose!!

Nope, not talking about giveaways but life in general!!!

Yesterday morning I decided to upload my web page from the mac.  Not easy as first I had to set up an ftp link which meant pulling out all my resources in the way of brain cells.  Then, when I'd finally downloaded the software, set it up (amidst much cussing!!) I sent the page up.  The home page is the only one now which is in html so I thought this would be a huge step forward to do this.  Oh, BOY, was I wrong!!!!

Just before leaving the house to go shopping I realised that the poooey thing had lost all the links.  Now for those who have never built a web page  - this  is a major disaster.  I fiddled and fathomed between shopping and fixing another friend's computer (did another one the day before!) then I finally realised I could re-load the original from the PC so that's fixed that for now.  BUT this leaves me with the problem of 'how to' save my original file as an htm file on the mac without losing all the wretched links.  Can anybody in tat land explain to a mathered old git how to do this?  I've got Neo Office which will let me save as html and from what I've read that should be fine but I think it's more to do with the transferring of files from PC to mac.  If I've got to do all the links again it will take up precious tatting time!!!  IF I understood what I was doing in the first place it would help, of course!!!

On t'other hand late last night I found out how to put a search box on the home page.  Now everybody should be able to go searching  on my site without running around like a headless chicken.  Least I hope!!  Thanks to somebody pointing out that Georgia had a box like this I decided to find out for myself how and where to get one from!!!  So the day wasn't really lost!!


Gina said...

Blogger used to have a very good search box so I took off the one I'd had for years, but it does not work well anymore. I may have to put one back on myself. It's very frustrating looking for something I know is there only to be told nothing matches!

Ridgewoman said...

Ahhh Mate; I can empathize with your challenge! And me complaining about a piddling set up of printer to Mac. LOL You will succeed! Sorry I can't be of help! XX P

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