8 May 2020

Starting on the angel

As promised I've now started on the angel but with plentiful beads!! Well, a girls gotta have her beads, hasn't she? When I use the word 'girl' I really mean Old Git - meeeee!!!

Hopefully this version of the Medina bow won't take quite so long to do but who knows!!! It's already completed and awaiting my dear test tatters to find the hiccups. Jane has already found a few!!! 

7 May 2020

More emotitats

Yvonne has some students (tatting ones) and two of them have made these emotitats. The pattern can be found here should you want to make any.

5 May 2020

New pattern - finished bow

I did it!! Got it all sorted yesterday so here’s the link to the new Medina bow pattern. 

Next? Instead of picots I think it needs beads and a head to make it into an angel!!! Well, watch this space!!!

4 May 2020

Nearly 'there'.

This pattern has been a long haul pattern!!!

Thankfully I've got mates around this planet who are willing to take on challenges. Bev in Australia and Diane in America are two of them.

Diane did the green version and Bev used Lizbeth size 40. The colour way she used is one of my favourites - Latte Foam. 

Thanks a million both of you. I hope to finish off the links today and get the pattern on my site tomorrow.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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