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5 May 2020

New pattern - finished bow

I did it!! Got it all sorted yesterday so here’s the link to the new Medina bow pattern. 

Next? Instead of picots I think it needs beads and a head to make it into an angel!!! Well, watch this space!!!


Maureen said...

It's such a clear pattern! You have worked very hard to bring it to us. Louise will be winding her shuttles already!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Mine is sitting on my pressing mat so that I know where to find it when I have the time to snip the tails and start that section over. Thanks for all your hard work on this pattern, Jane!

Jane Eborall said...

Thank YOU for your hard work, Diane. It was a bit of a nightmare to work out some parts of it, I must admit!!!!
I hope Louise does ‘give it a go’, Maureen. Her work is exquisite.

Madtatter80 said...

It's very beautiful I am very interested in the angel that's coming next too πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ’

Louise said...

Hello, a bit late to the party but I just can't wait to try this thank you so much for sorting out this pattern

Jane Eborall said...

Better late than never, Louise!!!! I'm sure you'll do a splendid job on it.

Louise said...

Well I've finished. Thank you Jane, lovely pattern. My tension on the lock chains is not great. Anyone doing this pattern, practice these for a bit first.

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