30 July 2016

The birth of an idea.

Well, not quite the birth as there were a few labour pains getting this far!!! 

This is the Fandango butterfly. Will it ever end - this obsession with a 'bit of a pattern' that I designed a few years ago? 

I'm hoping to get a few more done to test the stitch count before I put it on my site. So far, so good but there's always room for improvement!!

28 July 2016

Grumbling along

Well the reason for my minor grumble is somebody I'm about to 'name and shame' for getting me involved in the clunies. Not just Mimi (see yesterday's post) but also Bernice from Knotvortex. 

It was this blog post a few days ago (by Bernice) that caught my attention. I thought - well, if Bernice can do it then surely I can too!!!!! 

Well, how wrong, wrong, wrong can you be!!!! It all started off well - but finished quite badly!! I only realised things were going haywire when I noticed I wasn't heading back towards the first cluny!!! That's why mine has turned out to be an inferior rectangular shape instead of a square!!!  Ah well, there was only one thing to do - finish it and mark it down as a 'lesson learnt'. What lesson was that? I can't read patterns.  So, the only thing to do now is kick BC3 up the backside, tell him off and start again!!!!

Least I got lots of practice with the wretched clunies!!!

While I was slogging my way (badly) through this piece I was thinking of all the tatters I see on Facebook who are always asking for quick, simple patterns.  Loads of people only do small things which take an hour or three.  Why do I INSIST on tackling huge projects which sometimes take days, weeks or even months?  Well I think I like the challenge and the pride in something that takes a lot of time (and patience).  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!!

27 July 2016

About Clunies or whatever they're called.

Personally I've never been attracted to tatting with clunies or tallies. 

Many years ago when I was out and about with Rosemarie Peel we talked about this tatting technique and I remember what she said. She said (and it's stuck in my mind ever since) that clunies belong to bobbin lace. I tend to agree with her and have never been that bothered about trying them.

That is until a magical time in South Carolina about ten or more years ago when I was at a Palmetto Tat Days. I managed to sneak into a lesson by Mimi Dillman on clunies. I was so impressed with the way she taught the lesson so gently and clearly that I 'got' the cluny down. Well, as I said, that was around ten years ago and my last foray into them. 

A few days ago was the day to try them once more. Not a pretty sight, eh?

26 July 2016

Bracelet - purple

Now for a purple one!!! I like this one a LOT. The variegated thread is a Yarnplayer one - probably called pansies and the outer chain thread is a Lizbeth. The beads? Well just suffice to say they're size 11 seed beads and are gorgeous.

I've started on another Fandango based pattern - one which I sort of started before Joanie kindly sent me off on the heart ideas. Not sure if you'll like this next one but I hope to show you some samples in a few days.

25 July 2016

Black and gold bracelet

I couldn't find a way of doing this justice either with the camera or the scanner. 

The problem is that the beads are just SO shiny. 

This is one of two black and gold Starry Button Bracelets I've made to take to Tat Days. They're another addiction as I do love making them.

I also love wearing them too as they keep their shape forever.  That's down to having the buttons as the 'base' and the beads too.  I see so many very pretty bracelets and earrings online and they look gorgeous but I worry that after only a few times of being worn they'll bend and become 'floppy'.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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