5 September 2015


Here's another Japanese knot bag that I made a few weeks ago. Along with the others it's sitting in my suitcase and will be looking to emigrate permanently to Canada!!!

Butterflies cover this bag and I was very tempted to keep it!!! 

Packing (and un-packing) continues and today I collected some Canadian dollars. Well I don't think 'collected' is quite the right word! I bought some Canadian dollars!!! I must say they're prettier than the American ones - come on, America buck your ideas up!!!

3 September 2015

A celtic motif

I was always fascinated with this type of tatting which was invented by Rosemarie Peel. It's what is known as Celtic Tatting. I first saw it in one of her books. This is made simply using two separate motifs and interweaving them. A final row then 'locks' them to form the final motif. 

The other later form which involves a long chain which is tied into a knot of some sort is what I personally call Celtic Knot Tatting. A different thing altogether.

Anyway this is a design I did some years ago and it fits into a metal ring (bracelet). 

2 September 2015

That was a day - that was

I'm talking about yesterday. Sue (Pigmini) came round again and we had another great time starting at Chez Eborall and then progressing round the town's charity shops.

At one point we got 'trapped' in a coffee place by the rain so what did we do? Pulled out the shuttles and talked tatty talk!!! We played with a few ideas and ended up learning from each other - as you do.  

After that it was a visit to Poundland and then back for another coffee at home. We talked about all sorts of things and found we had even more in common than we already knew.

So, here's a bookmark I made a week or two ago. It's the Ring of Roses bookmark. Love these two colours but don't ask me what they are!!!

1 September 2015

Round 13

Another round done. Sadly this darn doily has now taken over my life!!! 

I can't seem to leave it alone. Even though each round is longer it seems to go quite quickly. Not sure why!!! 

Before I go - I'm going to put my Etsy shop on vacation shortly just so I don't have to deal with any problems too close to my trip. There's not much in there at the moment and the last few things will go into my suitcase along with lots of other things. I always try to take some bits and pieces to sell at the tatting conferences as any sales help towards the costs of the flights, insurance etc.

31 August 2015

A new member

I received another new bauble/bobble from Helene on Saturday and she's now residing in the Exclusive club as an associate member. 

I've got a feeling that it won't be long before she produces a mouse and becomes a full member. If you want to see who else is in the club then please click here.

These baubles/bobbles are just SO addictive and in case you've forgotten or lost the link then the book can be found here.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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