19 September 2022

Memories on the day of the Queen’s funeral

The Queen and her staff were amazing.  When my oldest daughter was six (she’s a bit older now) I landed up (as a supply teacher) taking on her class for a week or two.  My youngest would’ve been four and not yet in school, I couldn’t drive, there was a cold spell and life was pretty tough as in those days my ex and I were pretty hard up.  

This is what Lucy wrote on her Facebook page a few days ago.

1974. I was six years old when I drew a really crap Christmas card on a shitty bit of scrap paper in class. It was an orange and red scribble - very festive (not). My mum was supply teaching (the first and only time she taught me) and for some reason, I thrust my crap card into her hands on a whim and said ‘Send this to the Queen!’. My mum indulged me, or rather she told me yesterday: ‘Woe betide anyone who said no to you, even at 6’. Never in our dreams did we think we’d get a thank you. Well, thank you dear Queen, for making a 6-year old’s Christmas. And apologies for the crap card.”

Following up on this I found this about the Lady-in-Waiting (Susan Hussey) and am even more impressed.

Lucy is now a well known international journalist.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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