19 September 2022

Memories on the day of the Queen’s funeral

The Queen and her staff were amazing.  When my oldest daughter was six (she’s a bit older now) I landed up (as a supply teacher) taking on her class for a week or two.  My youngest would’ve been four and not yet in school, I couldn’t drive, there was a cold spell and life was pretty tough as in those days my ex and I were pretty hard up.  

This is what Lucy wrote on her Facebook page a few days ago.

1974. I was six years old when I drew a really crap Christmas card on a shitty bit of scrap paper in class. It was an orange and red scribble - very festive (not). My mum was supply teaching (the first and only time she taught me) and for some reason, I thrust my crap card into her hands on a whim and said ‘Send this to the Queen!’. My mum indulged me, or rather she told me yesterday: ‘Woe betide anyone who said no to you, even at 6’. Never in our dreams did we think we’d get a thank you. Well, thank you dear Queen, for making a 6-year old’s Christmas. And apologies for the crap card.”

Following up on this I found this about the Lady-in-Waiting (Susan Hussey) and am even more impressed.

Lucy is now a well known international journalist.


Jane McLellan said...

That is amazing. Good for them!

Pigmini said...

If she still remembers it then our late Majesty has had an effect! Impressive Lucy!!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful

Rose Anne B said...

Holy Moly! I like your daughter's post and the letter!

Anonymous said...

Very touching on this sad day of your great queen’s funeral.

Crazy Mom! said...

How lovely! I enjoyed reading up on Lady Susan too!

The Queen was a very very lovely lady. I shall miss her.

GoldenMom said...

Incredible! And funny story about your daughter as well.

picotsnkeys said...

Isn't it great what kids can do when they're bold and innocent? Would that I could accomplish such!

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