15 March 2014

A better attempt!!!

So back in the same book as yesterday I decided to try the little butterfly using the SCMR and the alternative threads method. This is much neater as there aren't any picots in the AT part. 

I like this little butterfly and the only thing I did differently was to use lock chains for the antennae. It's a sweet little 'tat'. 

This has now put me in the 'mood' for butterflies but I've got another new idea 'on the go' so can't start anything else til that's done!!!   

The Fandango runner is progressing well and I HOPE to finish it over the weekend - that's if I don't get distracted yet again!!!

14 March 2014

Alternative Threads?

While I was 'bobbling away' and talking to Gary and Randy one of them asked if I'd ever tried the Alternative Thread method that's in this book of theirs.

I'd already played with this idea back here in 2009 when I first got my mucky mitts on the book so it was time to 'refresh the BC3' once more.

Not sure how many of you will have tried this way of tatting but I must admit it's deliciously challenging and I found I could really do with at least another ten pairs of hands!!!!

The effects of using the two threads is great but my attempt here isn't very neat as I should've done a practice piece first!!! Still this motif shows just a smidgen of what can be done with the technique and the book is easy to follow.

Just realised I chose the same motif to try it as I did last time.  Now what does that say about me?  Answer - I'm BORING!!!

12 March 2014

Yet another bobble

This bobble is in the book but I added the finding at the top.  It actually looks better in real life and the picots are all the same too.  Not sure why it looks like it needs a haircut in this photo but tat's life!!!  Having said that - my hair needs cutting too - I look like the 'wild woman of the west'!!!!  I'll have to get the lawnmower out tomorrow and get Nick to cut it for me!!!!

Now during one conversation with Randy or Gary I was challenged to try something from their last book.  I'll show you what happened another day.

11 March 2014

Fandango edging decision

Right - tat's it!!! 16 Fandango coaster motifs done. 

BUT it definitely needs an edging now so what to do, what to do!!! 

Best thing is to try things out 'on the hoof' as it were. The ideas at the top were OK but sort of lacked volume. 

The top idea on the second photo was better but too scrunched, I thought. 

Then I went for 'keep it simple' on the lower edging on the bottom photo but that didn't 'do it for me' either. 

I'll show you what I decided next time.

10 March 2014

Another alteration and another variation!

On Saturday I was sitting here with nothing particular that I had to do and thought it was about time I played with the 'look' of the blog!!!  I know it must drive you all mad but I do like 'fiddling around' with stuff.  It's the only way I learn!!!  

If you decide to do it at any point I thoroughly recommend downloading the blog first so that if anything goes wrong you've got a backup and can start all over again!!!!!  I do it as I know what I'm like - I never read about how to do stuff - I just plunge straight in!!!

Anyway, I hope you like it.  I do like a clear font (verdana is so internet friendly) and a 'non white' glaring background.  There are a few blogs that I'd love to read but can't as their backgrounds are too dark or the font too 'fancy' for my poor old eyes/brain!!!!  I also have trouble (don't know why) when reading centred text too.  Perhaps I should give up now and stop reading blogs but what would I do instead???!!!!

Back to bobbles/baubles.  On this experiment I added a flower at the top. In fact it's just four rings which I then 'dropped' the shuttles through and the finding before adding the ribs. 

I also did a sort of 'skirt' of picots at the widest point and then when I finished I used the six threads through the beads in pairs.

Whilst all this experimentation is going on dear old BC3 is learning all sorts of things about bobbles!!

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Happy Beaks
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