11 March 2014

Fandango edging decision

Right - tat's it!!! 16 Fandango coaster motifs done. 

BUT it definitely needs an edging now so what to do, what to do!!! 

Best thing is to try things out 'on the hoof' as it were. The ideas at the top were OK but sort of lacked volume. 

The top idea on the second photo was better but too scrunched, I thought. 

Then I went for 'keep it simple' on the lower edging on the bottom photo but that didn't 'do it for me' either. 

I'll show you what I decided next time.


Unknown said...

It is beautiful as is. Edging detracts.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Unknown. It needs an edging to make it wider!!! Two motifs across would be too wide and as it is without an edging - it's too narrow!!!! A dilemma!!!

linb54 said...

why not make it in a solid neutral color, the variegated does take away from the beautiful colors of the fandango squares. IMHO

Unknown said...

I like the top photo, it looks like you reversed the pattern and I think it really goes with it. I wish I can shuttle tat as fast and creative as you, maybe someday. :)

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Happy Beaks
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