6 April 2018

Then there were two!

Well the first join is done and I think this time I've really 'got it'!!!! If you look back at this post you'll see that it's a lot bulkier and sort of detracts from the flow of the design.  A non tatter probably wouldn't notice but an old age tatter like me does!!!!

I will get a pdf file put up with the 'translation' of this join in my Dora Young notes when I get roundtoit!!!!  I need to be sure I've got it right first so will try it on a few more motif joins.

5 April 2018

Anybody want to join me?

For a pint?

I'd completely forgotten I'd done this little pattern until somebody reminded me last week!!! This was an 'emergency' design done for Georgia and Palmetto Tatters last year.

Somebody ought to sit down and go through my computer and find all the 'not quite finished' patterns on there!!! Oh, maybe I should do it!!!! I know there are several more somewhere so be prepared for a few more pages over the next week or two as I carry on hunting!!!

Anyway, here's the pattern which I've put on the doodles page. You won't get a hangover if you make it - I promise!!!! Even if you don't ever drink you can make it without fear of addiction. 

Actually, are there people 'out there' who don't drink?!?!?!?

4 April 2018

Back to Dora now!!!

More new mermaids arrived yesterday - please say 'hello' to them!!!

As my regular readers are aware I've spent a lot of time working through most of Dora Young's book (All New Knotless Tatting) which Heidi has so wonderfully got re-printed. Copies can be bought from here.

As you know from this post I first met Dora (well, her book) when I was in South Carolina. I did complete seven of the motifs as in that link but was never 'quite' happy with the joins between them. So I've decided to see if I can master them better by having another 'go'.

This time I'm using a size 40 thread. The beauty of this motif is that it's only one ring and then you can work constantly off the ball thread. I must work out how much thread I need to add to the shuttle for each motif but as I never use knots to join there's really not a lot of point for me personally!!!! I don't use the magic thread trick either - before you ask!!!!

3 April 2018

Jane K's mouse

Before I start my post today may I suggest you take a trip over to the Tat It And See blog here as I've two more mermaids who want to meet you.

Now you've heard me talk about Jane K and her teardrop beads - well, here's a fantastic idea she's got for using a mouse as a scissor finder!!!! 

This mouse has just the two front legs - he'd be far too long if she'd made the whole mouse. Jane says she's put a bead inside him too just to add a bit of weight. Isn't this a fantastic idea? Here's what Jane says and I'm looking forward to seeing her dragonfly too. Maybe I should put that on my 'to do' list as well?

"Hi Jane E
I saw your beautiful white mouse with the wonderful red eyes.
This is my last mouse. He has only 2 feet, but he has an extra long tail with a ring to attach to my scissors. I find doing the mice relaxing to do but now I'm working on the Houtz dragonfly. Also fun but not yet relaxing 😂
Jane K"

2 April 2018

Another caterpillar

Having enjoyed the other caterpillar which is here - I wanted to make another!!! 

This time I decided to make it slightly differently. Just because!!!! I think it's the eyes that get me so interested. All down to Jane K giving me some teardrop beads when I was in Canada.  I'll never be able to thank  her enough as they've got me back into the bauble making phase yet again!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.