3 June 2021

Roly Poly Tat Bags

Are now live.  

There are 24 of them and they're all on here.  I'm thinking of another project which I hope to run by you tomorrow.  

More of the ones I have for sale.  

2 June 2021


Felt almost normal as we had our first meeting of Neighbours and Needles which we held in Lifeways garden.  A gloriously sunny morning with lovely neighbours.

We started this group a few years ago just so we could get together and have a chat over tea/coffee and biscuits.  Well that’s not the real reason.  

Bunting was the first thing we did and that was for a street party we were going to throw.  As we had such fun doing that the Tuesday morning meetings continued with all sorts of things being made for many charities.  

We set ourselves the task of helping out local groups with things that they might want or need.  It’s been great fun so getting back together today we had our first new task - leaves!!!

We made some before (probably two years ago) and they went to Anne Hathaways Cottage.  The lady who we’re doing them for is a well known local artist - Ros Ingram and a great person to help.  She does a lot with the community too.

Here’s what we achieved yesterday.

1 June 2021

Slowly, slowly catchee monkey!!!

Love that phrase although I’d never want to catch a monkey in the first place!!!
I’m talking about the Roly Poly Tat Bags today.  In spite of the washing machine and then some big gardening tasks - like removing rotting planters - I’ve managed to complete the 24 bags.

When I say complete - I mean I’ve finished sewing them.  After that I had to add the tags to them which you’ll see tomorrow when I show you.  

I’m stringing out listing them a while longer because I like to get the packages weighed and priced at the Post Office before listing so that I’m not over or under charging on postage.  The Post Office was closed yesterday as we had a Bank Holiday.  I’ll be going down this morning to mail another package and will check the price of mailing the bags then.

Meanwhile - here’s a ‘taster’ to whet your appetite!!!  

31 May 2021

Twirly doily finished

I’ve finished the twirly doily even though I kept getting distracted by life.

Boring things like the washing machine becoming terminal just when I’d got two loads to do and then when the new washer was delivered the electrics decided they just weren’t going to make the new washer feel at home.  

Wobbling on a pair of steps in a dark passageway isn’t my favourite place to be on a Friday evening but I got it sorted.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.