7 June 2019

Finished needle case

Well here it is. My new needle case with the lovely crinoline lady on too.

I’d love to know who gave me the original needle case as it’s been with me for years. I’m pretty sure it was given to me at a Palmetto Tat Days many years ago. In fact since writing yesterday Martha has told me who it was. Kathy H. I'd like to say 'thank you' to her once again and I hope to meet up with her again this September.

The needle case is back in use again now and it will be taking it's weekly trip to Alcester later today to Crafternoon. 

I'm taking Juliana with me as it's taking ages and ages to sew her onto a backing fabric. Something mindless I can do when I'm chatting to my friends.

6 June 2019

Needle cases

Some years ago I was given these two lovely needle cases. I love them both but sadly the one with the crinoline lady on is falling slightly apart on the edges and inside too.  I put that down to the fact that I’ve used it so much.

I’m going to make another needle case so that I can put the crinoline lady on it. Isn’t it wonderful the way that tatting outlasts everything you put it on. That’s why I would never dream of tatting directly onto a handkerchief or anything as the fabric will wear out before the tatting!!!

The green one is fine and I’ll keep as it is as there’s nothing wrong with it at all. I have one with my sewing kit and the other is in my ‘out and about’ kit!!!

4 June 2019

A group project

Well it’s Tuesday morning. I’m back blogging a bit more often now that the ‘blue thing’ is over and done with. 

Tuesday morning is time for Neighbours and Needles which is where a group of us get together to make things, drink tea and coffee and have a good chat!!  

Our main aim is to make things for charities - usually local ones. We’ve made bunting, bags for school books, twiddle muffs, blankets for oldies, glove puppets, harp covers (yes, really) etc.

Each summer we hold a mid summer party in a local garden and we make a quilt to raffle to raise funds. This year I think the proceeds will probably go to one of the local hospices. Below is the almost completed quilt. I brought it home last Tuesday to sew the side fabric on and will take it with me this morning to get the top and bottom done. This is truly a group effort. We all had a rectangle (if we wanted to take one) and ‘did our own thing’. Bearing in mind that a few of us aren’t really sewers this is an amazing piece of work.

Can you spot my contributions?  I was also asked to make bits of tatting for other people too!!

3 June 2019

That blue thing

Over the past two months or so this has become known as ‘that blue thing’!!! That’s Nick’s name for it!!!  He’s seen me with it hour after hour and has often remarked on ‘that blue thing’. 

Well finally ‘that blue thing’ is finished. I’m sure you realised in the last post that I’d changed the shade of blue on the last two rounds.  The reason?  Well I could tell you that it was a design choice but I’ll be honest and admit that I ran out of the pale blue thread - or realised, rather, that I wouldn’t have enough for round nine. 

After all the struggles with round 9 it was going to be really easy to do round 10 as it’s simply rings and chains and they’re all the same. 

AHA, wrong again, Jane. Four starts were made on this round as it said to follow the picture to join to round 9. That was all very well but they just didn’t look right so I had to work out my own joins. This took some explaining too but I think it’ll be easy to follow on the pattern. My good friend in SC is test tatting it for me so that eventually I will be able to share.

Here’s Juliana in all her glory!!! Well it’s how she looks at the moment as she waits for the iron and lots of time to sort her out as I’m going to stitch her onto a fabric background. The little coilless pins are what I used to mark the scallops. All will be explained in the final pattern.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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