3 June 2017

I've got a BIG, BIG


Shall I tell you or shall I keep you in suspense? 

AWWWWW, well I'll tell you as long as you DO NOT tell anybody else.  Remember this is a secret.

The Dora Young re-print is at the printer's RIGHT NOW.  I'll give you further information on how you can get it when I hear back from Heidi.  

1 June 2017

Now in green!!!

I used same thread as yesterday (mainly because I was too lazy to go and get anything else) but this time I found some green beads.

I forgot to tell you that I had to slightly adjust my stitch count using this thread but it wasn't a problem as it was only on the last row.

I am writing the pattern down as I go but I've got visitors at the moment so tatting has almost stopped!!!!

30 May 2017

Another but different

There's just one thread that I really, really love that isn't cotton based. That's the Altin Basak gold (silver and bronze too) metallic. I THINK it's called Nakis Simi but I've long since lost the label!!! I can just tell you that it was stonking good value for money as I've had it for years and years and used it a great deal. It comes in a small cone.

Anyway, that was my next 'target' for the very large beads and you can see it below. Do I love sparkle? YES I DO!!!

Also shown is one of the beads I'm using too.

29 May 2017

Double trouble?

This time I've doubled up on the dingly dangly bits and added beads to the chains on two consecutive rows. 

I'm not sure if anybody would want the pattern/patterns for this but I will put it together eventually unless I go off on another idea which often happens!!! 

Although it's really really simple with just a few split rings (Diane!!!) it is a bit fiddly for the last few rings and chains as you have to work with the bead inside the tatting. Well worth it, I think.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.