5 October 2013


A small post today to tell you all that BC3 has now reached the ripe old age of 70 today.  

SHEEEEEEEESH, just worked it out - that makes the rest of me 70 too!!!!  

That also makes 57 years wielding shuttles.  Where did the time go?

4 October 2013

Meeting ANOTHER tatter!!!!

On Tuesday it was Geraldine's turn to suffer my company - well the silly moo didn't HAVE to drag me out so she's only got herself to blame!!!!!

We drank copious cups of tea in a lovely tea shop here in town.  It's called Act V and is down Sheep Street if anybody wants to know.  Anyway we talked our little socks off about tatting and everybody else who lives in Tatland.  We found we had several mutual friends which was great.

Something really exciting came out of our 'natterings and tatterings'.  Geraldine is going to send me her elephant and mouse bookmark to put on my site in the guest designer's section.  It's a STONKING great design and I'm delighted to be allowed to publish it.  It was in a newsletter about two years ago so really needs to have wings to fly.

As we were parting company Geraldine shoved a small packet in my bag.  She said the message on the front was what it was all about!!!!  Now I know she really does qualify as a daft moo!!!!!  Needless to say it won't stay in one piece for long!!!

2 October 2013

Meeting another tatter

One of the advantages of living in a tourist town is that occasionally you get to meet another tatter and one who has had the patience to track you down!!!!  This past year or so I've been very lucky that several have dragged me out of my tatting pit!!!!  You know - the place where I sit and play on my own and drive myself (and Nick) mad!!!!!

Last Saturday I met up with Pamela Myers who lives near Cork in Ireland - a most beautiful part of our planet, I believe.  She gave me this sweet little pendant made in one of her hand dyed threads which can be found here.

I was very naughty with poor Pamela and her husband (Alan).  I persuaded them to meet up again on Sunday morning and took them round the town on my 'alternative' guide to Shakespeare's 'neck of the woods'.  Thankfully they'd kindly brought some lovely weather with them!!!!

Oh, a picture of the two of us in the pub!!!!

1 October 2013

Tatting Tidy pots!

First an apology.  Thanks to Georgia for picking up a couple of small hitches on the witch which is here (spelling checked on this sentence!!!).  I'd missed a picot out on the drawings (SR13) and put in a wrong join a chain or so later.  My apologies.  I think BC3 must've left the room that day!!!  Don't blame him as he lives in such a muddle in my head!!!

Also today I wanted to tell you that I've just added four more of these to my Etsy shop here.  As autumn is now upon us I'll soon be putting the sewing machine away for the winter.  I'm finishing off a few more and then that'll be 'it' until the Spring!!!!  

These below may still be in the shop - or they may have gone but the new 'lot' will certainly be there if you want to pop by!!!!  I'll let you know when I've finished the last few off!!!!

30 September 2013

Chicken wing doily in purple

Bit boring today as it's almost a repeat of Saturday's post except that, of course, this one isn't orange!!!!  Another chicken wing doily which was 'made on holiday'.  Really must get round to sewing them onto some bags.  IF I did that then it would be another project (or two) completed but, of course, there's no chance as I've got two more ideas on the go!!!!

One is a 'thingamijig' to hang my rather large collection of earrings on.  I'll show  you another day.

The project is another new tatting design (thanks to Sally and Joanie) and I'm on about the fourth tat of it now.  Why four?  Well, simply because I'm a plonker and am never happy with the evening's results.  It'll get sorted eventually.  I think you'll like it and it's leading to another follow on idea too!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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