4 October 2013

Meeting ANOTHER tatter!!!!

On Tuesday it was Geraldine's turn to suffer my company - well the silly moo didn't HAVE to drag me out so she's only got herself to blame!!!!!

We drank copious cups of tea in a lovely tea shop here in town.  It's called Act V and is down Sheep Street if anybody wants to know.  Anyway we talked our little socks off about tatting and everybody else who lives in Tatland.  We found we had several mutual friends which was great.

Something really exciting came out of our 'natterings and tatterings'.  Geraldine is going to send me her elephant and mouse bookmark to put on my site in the guest designer's section.  It's a STONKING great design and I'm delighted to be allowed to publish it.  It was in a newsletter about two years ago so really needs to have wings to fly.

As we were parting company Geraldine shoved a small packet in my bag.  She said the message on the front was what it was all about!!!!  Now I know she really does qualify as a daft moo!!!!!  Needless to say it won't stay in one piece for long!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

How nice to meet another tatter, gosh you do lead an exciting life.
The bookmark pattern sounds great, I look forward to seeing it.

Maureen said...

You have been having a busy social time! - it was so good to see a picture of Pamela last time, and an elephant and mouse bookmark sounds intriguing.

Sally Kerson said...

Yummy chocolate, pity I'm not around to share!
But where is the picture of Geraldine?

Crazy Mom! said...

I second Sally's request - where is Geraldine's picture???

Loved seeing you with Pamela!

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry, guys - neither of us thought to take photos. REALLY wish we had.

Unknown said...

Fab! Hope our meet-up involves lots of tea and cakes ... you didn't mention any cakes above! :( Not long now. Don't know which I'm more excited about: seeing David Tennant as Richard II or have tea and cakes with you!! heehee! ;)

Ladytats said...

What a couple of lucky tatters. to be able to meet. Sounds like a great deal of fun. Enjoy the chocolate

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